Bob Dylan and other upcoming concerts in Korea

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Bob Dylan and other upcoming concerts in Korea

Was just checking out who is playing in Korea this year and was pleasantly surprised to see Bob Dylan was on March 31.

Other artists include (love them or loathe them!)

Chicago  - Feb 23

Backstreet Boys - Feb 24

Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) - Feb 27

Jeff Beck - March 20

Brian McKnight - April 1

Tom Jones - April 2-3

Kings of Convenience - April 4

Swell Season (couple from movie Once) April 7

Pat Methney - June 2-4

All of the above are in Seoul (of course)

There is also the Jisan Rock festival in July, but unable to find anything out about the lineup yet.

More details here

and tickets usually available here

(it's a foreigner friendly website if you have basic Korean)

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 I watched the royal rumble

 I watched the royal rumble this morning. I wonder when the WWE is coming again to Korea, anyone know?  They came a couple years back, I heard it was crazy.

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May be moving to Busan soon. Do most bands not come to Busan?

If they are in Seoul, are they generally during the week or weekend?



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Most bands don't make it to

Most bands don't make it to Busan.  Seoul has events all through the week, but the headliners typically make it there on the weekends.