Biking trip around Korea

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Biking trip around Korea

Hi everyone,

I'm a french student travelling in south korea with 2 friends. We spent some time in Seoul and went to Busan for the sea. We still have 20 days to go before ending our trip and we were thinking about buying some bikes to come back to Seoul in a more 'adventurous' way.

After looking on internet we found it was quite expensive and we don't have much money. I'm not sure we can rent bikes in Korea but that would be a possibility, otherwise we'd like to buy some 'already used' bikes or anything that would be cheap. And since we dont plan on bringing the bikes back to our coutry, we would use them for 20 days only.

Any advices concerning our trip would be very helpful !

Thank you in advance for your answers !

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Re: Biking trip around Korea

This just made we think about where you are perhaps staying over as you travel?  Because certain hostels like the HI chain have bike rental shops.  I have stayed in them and have always been satisfied but never did I rent bikes from them so cannot really comment on that part.  Anyhow their website is for Hostelling International.  Also the one for Busan is in Haeundae located near the Metro Art Museum and Soyoungro Church.