Beware the Rotten Apple seeking cash cow

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Beware the Rotten Apple seeking cash cow

There are a few rotten apples targeting and seeking refuge within Korea. They are using all kinds of websites to meet a foreigner, Korean or as they see it- cash cows.

Initially, they claim to be University students whilst first meeting the potential companion. They boast of great wealth and travel. The language exchange is one of their favorite options.

Then, a tragedy befalls them and the show begins.Within a short space of time, they claim their rich father, benefactors, the financial supporter has been killed in a car crash. Then, they play on the sympathies of the potential victim.

The User then claims they are pulling out of their course and need accommodation, in order to get a job, as they cannot commit to studies whilst feeling so bad. They ask for financial support or ask if they can move in with potential cash cow. 

This has happened here on KB. There are a few persons who have claimed to be University students at various universities. One person has been moving between Cities too. The parasites' main aim is to get the victim pregnant as soon as possible or to be impregnated.

One character has used a few sites, has had numerous victims in and around Busan.