Best Hambuger in Busan!!! Thomas Grill Daeyeon dong

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Best Hambuger in Busan!!! Thomas Grill Daeyeon dong

Ok it goes like this.... I have been in Korea for more than 10 years and have NEVER HAD A BURGER LIKE THIS... It taste just like it does when you grill them back home... The size is nice and the flavor is awesome..

They have about 7 different burgers and also wedge fries.. Draft beer too.

Directions... Looking at the front door of Outback Steak house in Daeyeon-dong  go right and you will see the GS Gas station next door... Go directly down the small street and it's about a 10 second walk on the right...

THOMAS GRILL is the name... Well worth the 6500 for the double.

30 second walk from OUTBACK...


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Are you anyway affliated with

Are you anyway affliated with this joint in anyway? Given your e-mail address! Just curious, not a criticism.

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    10 years in korea and



10 years in korea and this is his first post on Kbridge.  Join on Feb 26 and posted on Feb. 26.  Like you said his email address is busanhanburger. 

I could do without the hype and the capital letters.  Tell me the address and how to find it.  Let me know the options, like wedge fries is good.  That peaks my interest as I like wedge fries.  Anyway good luck busanburger man running a successful small business isn't easy.  I support you.

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I actually went there a few

I actually went there a few days ago and I think agree with the original post. The hamburger was pretty good. It's similar to Kraze burger. However, I think burger was bigger, better and possibly cheaper than KB. The atmosphere was also quite good and they have 2 beers on tap. So, if you like KB then I think this place is as good if not better.

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Chili/Cheese Fries are awesome!

 Good directions. A very good sized burger with fresh toppings. The chili/cheese fries were delicious. They also have Dr. Pepper and a foosball table. The hamburger patty needed a bit more seasoning. 

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I really wanna go there last

I really wanna go there last time, but I just forgot the directions given here so I rely on my memory.. and there it goes, it failed me! It sucks coz I was really craving for hamburger that day.. therefore, I ended up with Kraze Burger~ a BAD decision..  It's like I wanna get back my 18,000  for the Original  KB and the Chili Cheese fries.. tsk! tsk!