Belt buckles?!?

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Belt buckles?!?

Hey hey, 

Looking to buy some belt buckles...does anyone know of any places where I can find some? I've checked Nampo underground to no success...

Thanks for your help. Oh, and if you can point me in a direction, I'd be more than willing to buy you a couple beers...sojus...sodas...:)


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Re: Belt buckles?!?

Busanjin Fabric Market (부산진시장) has separate belt buckles. Hundreds!

If you don't know it the nearest subway is Beomildong, not Busanjin on line 1. Exit and head away from Seomyeon for about 5-10 minutes and you will come to a  big white building on the corner, difficult to miss.

Most of what you need is on the first floor.

Naver Map here. It's 'A' pointy thing.

I'll take you up on the beer if I ever meet you!

Nathanael jackson
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Re: Belt buckles?!?

Ask koreans to type the belt buckles in korean market website like Gmar*et and 1*st

Write down the address where you want to get your products at and wait for delivery guy to call you. 


Preparing some notes to practice how to reply on delivery's call may seem discreet