Baseball Teammates Recruits Ad

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Baseball Teammates Recruits Ad

Hello, everyone.


My name is Taeho Kim.(You can call me T).


I am a member of an Amateur Baseball Team called Star Astros.


Our team is currently in a 3rd Amateur League in Seoul and we are currently recruiting new teammates.

Even our team members are fulled with Koreans, we are very friendly and there is a person who can speak English to help you.

If you want to play baseball and meet new people, you should visit and spend some time playing baseball with us.

We do have a lot of offline(besides playing baseball) meetings as well. Soooooo don't be shy :)


If you are interested, please read below information and contacts me for any further questions.




[Star Astros Recruits Ad]


We are currently in and playing in 3rd Grade Amateur Baseball League.


Any new members suits below category can apply and play baseball with us.


Recruits : 2 Members

Name of Team : Star Astros

Age : 20 + (basically anyone who can afford to play baseball)

Requirements : Gloves, Baseball Shoes.

General Info :

        - We play baseball game on Saturday(time is different but it end before 6 PM)

        - Have a practice on Wednesday Night

        - You DO NOT HAVE TO attend to every single Practice and Game. Although, attendance of the practice affect on the starting lineup


Contacts : Name of Contacts : Taeho Kim (or T)

               - Kakao Talk ID : tkim0613

               - email : [email protected]

               - phone # : 010-8000-8999


You can contact me pretty much anytime.

If you are interested, contact me. You can call me but I prefer Kakao Talk since I usually work during the day time.