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Banner Ads...

i'm trying to assist a korean business in placing banner ads here.  i emailed regarding it but thought i would post this in case its a bit quicker.  just wondering what the process is...thanks in advance.

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Re: Banner Ads
Thanks for the inquiry. 

 Like many parts of the site, our banner advertising system is 'in transition'.  You can see our old rates and policies at:
and slightly more outdated Korean version at:

With the new system, we plan on introducing options for text ads, audio ads, and video ads. There will also be more flexibility in how often ads get shown.  We're also going to try to  make advertising more interactive -  providing a more prominent introduction for advertisers and encouraging them to respond to questions and comments from users.   All of that is at least a few weeks away, so perhaps for your client, we can come up with an interim advertising package.  Feel free to contact me directly at manager at Koreabridge dot com