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Baking Supplies Warehouse

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last year, in a search for affordable baking supplies, i came across a place in banyeo-dong. 
it's a warehouse/wholesale place that sells most of what you'd need/want to bake =)
it's just behind the banyeo-dong bus terminal at the edge of busan (kind of a pain in the butt to get to, but worth it i think). 
it's called "woongjin foods and bakery", 011-564-3453, 051-758-5231
website: (english section still under construction)

on my most recent trip, i bought:
parchment paper
high-quality cocoa powder
big bags of coconut
vanilla extract (only sold in a pretty big bottle)
big bags of icing sugar/confectioners sugar
chopped walnuts

lots of other stuff available and the staff are very helpful and don't mind explaining stuff to you. 
they used to have a location in gwangan but it has been closed for over a year. 

check it out if you have the time. i love to bake and this place has made it easier for me to do so in busan. also has a good selection of baking supplies. 

happy baking!
There's a whole side street of baking shops in Nampodong (a lot closer for most people) which have the stuff you are talking about.
If my memory serves me correct, bus #115-1 takes you to that stop, right? From Haeundae to Bansong and vice versa.
There is a very nice baking supply store very near PIFF plaza. 

They sell Bob's Red Mill organic whole wheat flour 8,000 won, and 10 grain pancake mix 6,000.
They have real molasses sugar 5000 won. Rye flour 8,000

Everything you need for cakes, cookies, breads, etc..

Convection ovens, 210,000 won. 
Waffle makers.
Non-stick loaf or cookie pans. 
Whisks, spatulas, mixers. 
Bread knives.

The sign in Korean says: Home Body 
open 8:30 to 7:00 pm.
phone: 246-4937, 245-4478

take the subway to Chagalji station, exit number 7.
go to the large street that runs up to the Kukje Shijang, past PIFF Plaza.
just past the PIFF Plaza entrance is the tiled "walking street" with one-way traffic from Nampo Dong
when you pass the "walking street", you will see the first underground entrance to the shopping area.
between this first entrance and the second one, you turn left into the small side street (signed): Beonyeong 7 gil
The Home Body store is on your right about 30 meters from the corner.

Further up the street on the left is a bulk commodities store, open fronted. 
You might like to browse it. Good prices on bulk spices, canned goods, rum, sour cream, cream cheese, etc.
How much whole wheat flour do you get for 8000won?
bobs red mill

24 ounces, 680 grams

Top of the Line flours, cereals, etc, from Bob's Red Mill

Wow, that's expensive. Lottemart carries whole wheat flour, 500 grams for 2800 won or so.
I have bought "organic whole wheat flour" at an "organic store" in Korea. 
I was suspicious because the flour was colored white. The store owner said it was because the
flour was "cut"... (Bob's is a dark color)

When I used it to bake WW bread, it did NOT rise. I tried it twicel

When I used "Bob's", it had enough protein/glutin to make the dough rise; I did not have to add "powdered milk protein"

Therefor, if you want to make "white bread", then use whatever you like, if you want "whole wheat" nutritious bread, 
be careful of what you choose to use!

Just like with computers: garbage in , garbage out 

Woodsman didn't mention an organic store, he mentioned Lottemart. On the one hand you're touting cheap whiskey and on the other only expensive, high quality products will do. Which is it?

Well, Trevor... I guess my health is more important to me than my happiness.. besides, good whiskey costs 35,000, good bread flour costs 8,000


Hey, BFG, I tried to find this place, but no luck! I went out exit 7, kept straight, passed PIFF & the walking street, but in between the first and second underground entrance (just past what looks like an underground entrance that's still being built??) I only saw one street to turn into. I didn't see a sign for Beonyeong 7 gil. It was sort of a wide street that got narrower and dumped me onto the main (stone/brick) thoroughfare that runs through Nampodong (the one with all the big shops like Adidas and Nike and Abercrombie & such). 

I'd like to try again as Nampdong's not too far away and I really need some whole wheat flour... Help, please?
YIPES!! Just goes to remind us all how difficult it is to give directions..

Let me try from my memory.. \\

Use the subway to go to the Chagalji station. Leave and walk 20 meters and turn left to the 4 lane road that leads to Kukje Shijang, which goes PAST the entrance to PIFF and (next block) the NAMPO walking street (on your right).. as I remember, just past the Nampo Walking Street, you turn left at the next small street.. either one or two.. but as I recall, there was a street sign Beonyeong 7 gil.. 

In any case, as you walk past the entrance on your right (across the street) to PIFF, the next street on your right is the Nampo Walking street.. you are heading towards Kukje shijang on the main road.. just past the Nampo Street, turn left.. and look on your right for the store.. If you don't see it, then you are close, just go around the block and look on the next street.

BTW.. if you go to COSTCO, they have whole wheat flour .. 3 Kg for 8,600 won. If you don't have a membership, go on 8/30.. they just advertised it as "open membership day".... I presume that means you don't need to pay a fee to shop.. 

Otherwise, contact me directly and I will make sure you get some WW flour;; 

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Simple Directions to Baking shops

Hello fellow bakers,

 I went out and about in Nampo-dong today and found 3 baking supply stores. Here are easy directions there.

Take the number 1 subway to Jagalchi.

Take exit 7

Walk to the corner and turn left. 

Walk about 3 blocks. Here are some land marks on your way. You'll pass Outback Steakhouse and Hagen Daaz both on your right, and Lotte Super on your left. You'll cross the pedestrian street and then a dangerous looking, crowded, chaotic intersection. Pass the first Kukje Underground Shopping Center entrance. It has a brown sign that says "Art Street" in English. Before you get to the next Kukje Underground entrance there is a small street. TURN LEFT HERE.

I saw 3 baking supply stores. The first one is "Homebaking" on your right. It's very small with lots of stuff. Mom and pop type operation. Nice people.

The next is "Baking Plaza" also on your right it's much bigger and has more stuff arranged in a tidy, organized manner. I bought a 5lb bag of "Bob's Red Mill" Whole Wheat Flour there. You have to look in the cooler for that. They have ovens and mixers and pans a go-go.

There is another one across the street from Baking Plaza also called Home Baking but I didn't go in there since I bought what I needed. 

Nobody speaks English. All of them have vanilla extract at about what you would pay in US supermarkets.

I hope this helps others.