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I have bad knees, so I really need to find a way to exercise involving almost zero impact. 

I know this is unlikely, but does anyone know of an aqua-aerobic class in Busan?  Free swims at the pool tend to be a bit over-crowded, but I'll manage if thats my only option.


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Sponox gym in the Century 21

Sponox gym in the Century 21 building in Kyung Sung Dae definitely has classes. Not sure of the times.

Take Line 2 to Kyung Sung / Pukyong. Exit 3 and take the entrance into the Century Building right next to Pizza Hut. The gym is in the basement, B2 I think, but not sure. It's all sign posted as well.

You can pay 9 bucks the first time you go which gets you access to the pool (not classes, but you can observe), the gym, jjimjilbang and bath house and sauna. You get a 2,000 discount coupon for subsequent visits. Or you can become a member which will entitle you to classes.

They have schedules and prices in a pamphlet that is usually hidden behind a sign somewhere on the counter.

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 Sajik Pool has aqua-aerobics

 Sajik Pool has aqua-aerobics class in the early afternoon.  They may have other classes as well.  Their 50 metre pool doesn't seem too crowded to me.

The closest subway station is 'Jonghap Un Dongjang"

There is more information on several pools here: