Anyone know where I can buy one of those baby carrier things?

Just wondering if anyone knows where the baby stores are around here.  I live in Seomyeon and am about to ship out.  I need to find one of the things the moms use to carry their babies on their backs.  I think the Korean names for them are called "chunei" or "podaegie" but i'm not really sure where to start looking..emart?

are you looking for the

are you looking for the backpack/frontpack type thing or just the blanket thing the koreans use?  the backpack hippie type things are great.  the real deal is called 'ergo baby carrier.  you can find them at a large handful of places around town.  just go to and you can view a list of retailers in south korea and, specifically, busan in the international section under 'retailers.'  i can testify that they are super comfy to use, but a bit pricey.  the ergo is worth every penny, though.  happy traveling to you with the kid and carrier

All the baby stores are

All the baby stores are located in one place which is between Geumnyeong san and Gwangan subways as there are a bunch of maternity hospitals around there. Take exit 2 (Good Gang An hospital side) at Geumnyeong san subway and walk toward Gwangan.

I bought one a few years back for a Halloween costume and think it cost about 10 bucks.  But, they have some very flashy ones that can get a little expensive.