Anyone know a good Tailor?

Looking for a good tailor in the Busan area.  I've had a suit made in Thailand but had to throw it away because the fabric was cheap and the craftsmanship horrible.  I know, I am one of the many fools who fell for the scam.   If anyone knows someone who does good quality work here in Busan, with good fabric, please let me know.  Thanks.

Re: Anyone know a good Tailor?

Don't know about good, but I have seen plenty of tailors about in places such as Busan Jin Market, Nampo Dong Gukje market and Texas Street


Re: Anyone know a good Tailor?

I go to a place in PNU called LUSSOSO.  The thing I really like is that the tailor there has a sheet that shows the exact blend of fabric that you are getting and the price.  So you know what you are paying for.  For an idea, a 100% wool suit costs about 700,000.  The prices go down as the blend goes from  less wool with poly.   Price goes up when you get to wool/cashmere blends.  

60/40 (cotton/poly) blend dress shirts are 60,000 and 100% cotton are 80,000.  

She will also cut the suit exactly how you want it.   I had specific requests like thin lapels, shorter sleeves to show more cuff,  slightly taken in waist, and slim cut pants.  She carried these out to a T.    

She is a younger woman too, so she knows how to cut shirts and suits correctly without them being baggy.  I went to an older gentleman in Nampo dong that cut my shirts totally wrong and made them way to big for my liking.  He also didn′t have a price sheet.    


If you are on the main drag (the street with Starbuck′s and Valence Burger) go towards Ocheonjang.  There will be a Shinhan on your right.  Take a right a the Shinhan and walk up the hill for a minute or two.   

LUSSOSO will be on the right hand side, you can′t miss it.  She doesn′t speak any English, so if you don′t speak any Korean, bring someone with you.  If you know some basic Korean, you should be able to get by.  

Hope that helps.