Anyone have any idea when the BIFF schedule comes out?

I've been checking the website for the past couple of days, and for whatever reason it seems like they are delaying the schedule release more than usual this year. I'm getting anxious to get my ticket buying planned out (even though I accept that most plans will result in failure due to shoddy online/bank service on the opening day of sales). That said, any of you insiders know when the powers-that-be will finally announce the schedule? Better yet, do you know when Busan Bank will start carrying the BIFF information booklets?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Anyone have any idea when the BIFF schedule comes out?

I share your frustration. I've also been checking the website daily for the schedule, as tickets go on sale next Wednesday and I want to get it sorted!

I speculate that it's delayed later than usual this year (although it keeps getting later and later every year it seems) because of the construction of the new BIFF building in Centum. The outdoor films, including the opening and closing, are scheduled to screen there and they have three regular theatres on-site, too (knocking out Nampo-dong, thank god--hated going there for PIFF). I live across the river from the new BIFF building and they're still doing some pretty serious work on it. I wonder if construction is behind schedule and they're waiting to see if the theatres will be ready before they post the schedule. 

That's my theory, anyway.

As to the books, in the past few years, they haven't been available at the banks until a few days before ticket sales start, which is beyond frustrating. I remember one year, maybe 4 years ago?, when they had a PDF of the book on the website. That was awesome. I just printed it out and started my scheduling while waiting for the book. They only did that one year, though. If the online schedule is delayed, my guess is that the books will also be delayed and may not be out, even, at the time of ticket sales. Which is ridiculous.

Anyway, I don't have any answers. Only theories and complaints. I'll post, though, if I see the schedule online or books at the bank.

Re: Anyone have any idea when the BIFF schedule comes out?

I follow busanfilmfest on Twitter and they just tweeted that the schedule will be online at 5pm on Sept. 21, so that's the first step. I tweeted back asking when the booklets will be available in the banks. Will post again when/if I get a reply. I find they tend to ignore English tweets, though. (angry)