Amatuer Football/Soccer Teams in Busan


I've been in Busan for some weeks and can't find anyone that plays football or local teams.  Does anyone know if there is a local league, teams or 5 a-side competitions at all.  I'm missing playing so much!!


Thank you!

Meant to reply ages ago to

Meant to reply ages ago to this, but never go round to it, sorry.

As things stand there are only 2 active foreign teams in Busan at the moment, compared to 4 or 5 a few years back. However to compensate for this they now play against teams from across the country.

Personally I don't play. But you can check out the leagues website here




We play six-a-side football every Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at Namcheon Elementary School (Namcheon St, exit 2, turn around and walk backwards towards Kyungsung and then take the first street right...) You can just rock up on a Wed and join.

A lot of the guys play for Inter Busan, a local team that plays in the league