Advice for job interview

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Advice for job interview

Hello, hoping for anyone to have some advice for me. I will have an interview this weekend for a position with ECC in Southern South Korea. I was told it was about 30 minutes from Busan. Any idea where this would be? I'm currently going through a recruiter who is from worknplay. I didn't plan on it that way, but it just kind of worked out. The guy seems to be geniunely nice. I got into this fairly late. I submitted my FBI background check about mid july. The recruiter said there was job openings all year. However, I am wondering if this is really true. I know the main hiring time is summer.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice about the interview, the school itself (very hard to find any information on the school, I believe its associated with YBM or something like that?), and maybe even the recruiters. Worknplay was one of the websites I kept hearing was one of the "good" ones. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.