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Acupuncture recommendation

For anyone out there suffering from back/spinal pain, or stress and tension in their muscles, I recommend acupuncture!

This isn't exactly a sales pitch, it's just something I would like to have had the option to make up my mind about with a little extra information. 

My back pain continued unabatedly for over a year while still determined to run, play tennis, cycle, hike, so basically i pretended i was fine. 

after several futile visits to the conventional doctors, i gave in and tried Oriental Medicine. The clinic i found is Shimhae Oriental Medical Clinic in Gwangan. By chance, I went in and found the most efficient medical service i've ever come across. 

the female doctor is genuinely caring and pays close attention to all ailments. she also speaks sufficient english to diagnose and discuss. there is one nurse with great high school english and makes it an enjoyable experience. 

it takes about an hour- massage therapy, acupuncture, consultation and more muscle therapy. it is covered by insurance so costs 5,300 per session. i go twice a week. it's helped eradicate the minor symptoms already.

it may be psychosomatic, but if it works, i'm not going to over think it. 

take the subway to Gwangan. walk one block down to the beach, turn left, walk up, and it's on the right, just before the fork for Suyeong and Haeundae. 


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Re: Acupuncture recommendation


I don't suppose you know the opening hours?


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Re: Acupuncture recommendation

The are open 9:30-6:30 Monday-Friday and Sat they are open for half the day. There number is 051-751-0999. The receptionist speaks some English and one of the doctors speaks English. I have been going there for many months and I think it is a good clinic.

The directions above are not very clear. Once you get off the Gwangan subway exit, walk towards the beach about 4-5 blocks. At the first major interection(about one block before the beach), take a left. The clinic is about 4 more blocks on the right side.