The history of Dongnae Spa

We will introduce On jeong Gegun Memorial Stone to you which is located beside open-air foot bath. It was built for commemorating Gang phil li, Dongnae Magistrate, who fixed old building of hot spring just before he finished his term in office. According to epitaph, people made two baths by using stones, and after that, Gang phil li starting for his new post as Dongnae Magistrate rebuilt it, with men's bath and women,s bath made a division by partitions. It was also said that such structures were so glossy and fresh like pheasants fly in the sky.

We should not forget to talk about Dongnae villa. In 1898, Making lease contract on Dongnae hot spring between Chosun and Japan occured. This led to open large-scale villa called Bong Nae Gwan casused by Yatshusi, japanese privte bath-cum-villa. In those days of Japanese occupation, Dongnae villa was named 'Hazama Yugen' possessed by Hazama Husitaro, top3 wealthy people in Busan. However, this building acted and during Korean war it was used as an official residence of vice present. Only 1965, it was called 'Dongnae villa' turning to High class-Korean style restaurant. For such a reason as mentioned, Dongnae villa contains Busan's painful modern history.