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Welcome Jobseekers!

So, you're looking for work in Korea? Looking for a second year contract? Look no further than FT Union.

We are currently searching for prospective candidates to fill the numbers of ESL positions

throughout ROK. As always our company is in direct contact with many of our regular client schools (private owned)  across the country.We are also in contact of many public schools as well; we have a several public school positions available now and many more openings are expected to rise in near future.

Those of you who hold Bed or with ESL experiences will get a better chance to be accepted by Public Schools.  There are also some part time positions available in Public Schools.

Email or call us for more details. We offer positions in every area imaginable, including central Seoul and satellite cities, Busan, Kwangju, Daegu, Taejon, Mokpo, Cheongju, Sokcho, Incheon, Masan, etc.

We handle all aspects of the job process, including:

- Visa acquisition
- Booking and paying for your flight to Korea
- Airport pickup and transportation throughout Korea
- Relocation questions and concerns
- 24/hour emergency service
- Support with contract negotiation, translation, etc.
- Teaching tips
- All our services are free of charge

All of our schools offer:

- Great salaries payable for working 120 monthly hours or less.
- Rent free apartments. We ensure they are clean and up to par.
- Free prepaid airfare to and from Korea.
- Health insurance support
- Reasonable overtime payment
- Severance payment upon completion of the year-long contract.

All of our schools ensure a friendly and supportive management and staff plus a wonderful and interesting team of teachers. We ensure abundant and rich libraries of resource material as well as state-of-the-art classrooms and teaching aids. We also ensure an effective and fun curriculum in our schools which minimizes class preparation.

 We only work with the schools that are financially secured; so there is no need to worry about losing job in the middle of the contract or not getting paid on time due to the financial crisis.

To apply, simply email us with the following: - Your formal teaching resume (Koreans love Native speakers with teaching experience or experience with youth)
- Some well-presented photos
- A copy of your passport ID page
- Contact phone number
-Drop us a line, and let us know when you are available and what kind of positions you are looking for. (We don’t have the entire job listed in our website or in today’s post)
-Positions are available on going basis. We accept resumes on a rolling basis and match your preferences and the schools needs

So, you have decided to work with FT Union. Good decision. How does the visa process work? How do you get here? Where will I be placed? You can have all your questions answered and get the ball rolling on an E2 work visa for Korea in no time. We can organize your adventure now!

Email with all the above and we'll be happy to phone you:

[email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us:

In Korea Tel. 0505-303-0579 Fax. 0505-304-0579

Outside of Korea Tel. 82-505-0579 Fax. 82-505-304-0579