Ebagu road

Ebagu flower bloomed.Seeds that modern history has left today became a road and it bloomed in your side.This is the introduction about the Ebagu road. Isn't it very attractive? We will introduce the road which bloomed with history and modern times.On Cholyang Ebagu road, There is a village which was created by the people who have lived here and worked hard during Korean war and shelter years. The village that is located on the front of the sea and over the mountain seems to start a conversation to a passerby.

Ebagu road is not just a normal road. This is a historical road. Starting at the first place, if you see the old photos which are hung along the Damjang gallery, you can recall the precious memory of the past. Although I haven't experienced that period, I could feel the desire for truce. I think that this is the charm of this road. Also when you feel tired after climbing 168 stairs, you will be able to get Kim min bu observatory. The view that you can see at the observatory will melt your all anxiety. The scenery is beautiful enough to fall in love with Ebagu road. Cheer up and walk a little more, you will finally arrive at Yu chi hwan post box which is the last course of Ebagu road. A letter written here arrives to you a year later. The letter will give you a great chance to make you or everyone around you happy and impressed. Eventually, here the road is over. Like this, Ebagu road is special in many fields in itself.Well, you have studied Ebagu road until now, So shall we figure out the road's special publicity strategies from now on?First. Ebagu bicycle helps us to enjoy comfortable travel.This electronic bicycle can give us a ride to steep hill while we are listening to guide's explanation.Second. Ebagu charging station offers us a cozy place to stay. It is a very popular place for travelers who visit Ebagu road because of cheap accommodation fee.

Third. Mandi bus takes us to many beautiful and unknown tourist attractions in Busan. Unlike traveling many standard travel attractions, Mandi bus tour that travels unknown wonderful attractions gives you unforgettable memory.

Walking slowly step by step will give you a chance to recharge.

Furthermore, a letter written carefully is much better than easily written text messages.If you want to leave unforgettable memory in your heart, how about visiting Ebagu road?