The Busan film festival

Now shall we leave in earnest in the Busan International Film Festival with colorful scene?Here, you can not only enjoy movies but also meet movie actors appearing in recent flims.In particular, Do not miss chance to meet up actors closely on a widely spread sandy beach, the patagon to BLFF Villiage. Moreover, you can spend a quality time while waiting for a movie by participating many booths related to a lot of movies. It is actor's great Red Carpet that is indispensable in film festival. Busan International Film Festival has so long history that many actors visit the festival, especially I can give you tips to know that most actors are coming to the opening and closing ceremonies. Film actors , as well as movies that have stand out cinematic quality will be screened a lot in particular, iut would be good for you to know that,during the festival,it also has an outdoor theatr as well as inside the cinema. After enjoying the fiery Fim festival, don't you find the place where you can have a walk with the ocean breezes of autumn and a cup of coffee? Then I will immediately recommend to the streets of the film without hesitation. This place is really fit to walk because it's not too far from the movie Fame and where festivals are held. Thinking that the festival is held only in the movie Fame throws away. Streets of the movie does as much as the heat of the festivals. This is, during festive period as well as usual,popular place to many tourists because it has many movie's posters and explanation attached to the walls and pretty sculptures so it is the best place to take pictures. This streets is seperated into many zone, animation zone and Haeundae background's zone. In particular, as I walk on the zone of ten million audience movie I felt that my country really have so many blockbuster in once again. It will be good memory to rest on the bench admiring the scenery of Haeundae beach as the way is longer than thought. The last of Movie Street takes us to the santorini square. This is one of exotic places among high skysrapers as a motive of Santorini in Greece. Also, you can appreciate hand printing of several famous actors and directors in here. Watching movies that run along the streets, you can talk with your friends about movie,Is here that an earthly? Until now, we looked at all things around to see as well as Busan International Film Festival, Is it useful to you? It you want to have special experience in lonely autumn, come to the site of BIFF that is famous for great actors,great ocean,and great night view. Right now!