Anyone know a decent gym in the Kyungsung area?

My most recent gym membership just expired, and while it wasn't home to the worst workout experiences I've had here, I'm still hoping for something better. In particular, I'm looking for a gym with the following:

- A trainer who doesn't think the presence of a waegook requires his constant attention and one-sided camaraderie

- Music that isn't too loud, or even better, no music at all

- A swimming pool or a sauna as part of the monthly membership (a reach for the former, I know)

- A location relatively close to Kyungsung-dae Subway Station (no more than a 15 minute walk)

I'm going to hunt around on Sunday, but I figured I'd go here first to see if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance, I suppose.

Try 21st Century building

Try 21st Century building opposite Kyungsung. I'm pretty sure it has a gym with a swimming pool.

What Trevor says. The Sponox

What Trevor says. The Sponox Gym in Basement 4(I think) of the Century Building. It's swimming pool is 22 meters, but like most pools in town it has limited public swimming hours. A couple of hours during lunchtime, and if I recall correctly 8-11 in the evening.
I haven't been a member of many gyms here, so it's difficult to comment if it's good or not. I never used the trainers, but one seemed a bit of a poseur whereas the other seemed pretty hardcore.

On paper, at just under 100 bucks, it seems expensive, but isn't considering that the price also includes a Jim Jil Bang and full on sauna. There is nothing better than to be able to chill out in the hot(and cold) baths after a work out. 

Alternatively you can pay as you go. First visit is 9 bucks, but you get a 2 buck discount voucher for subsequent visits which works out cheaper if you are only going for less than 4 days a week. However, you can't get a locker if you pay as you go.

Here is the link to their website where you can click around to get photos etc.

the gym at kyungsung univ. is

the gym at kyungsung univ. is quite nice. they have a pool, but no sauna. you can go in the doors next to the "marronier town" apts. (subway exit 2, i think?) you dont have to trek all the way up the hill inside the main gate. i think its on the 4th or 5th floor.

Re: Anyone know a decent gym in the Kyungsung area?

I can recommend a gym in Kyungsung not to go to: on the eastern side of Kyungsung, its across from ok ku dak, on the third floor of the building next to Century 21's parking lot.

My main gripe with that place is that nothing is ever wiped down by anyone, so there' just sweat smeared all  over the place. Plus, they're adherents to the old maxim of Korea used to be very cold so we like the temperature inside to be very hot. So prepare to be puffing on sticky fog of sweat if you work out there.

On the plus side, its cheap. And luckily,  the attendant there isn't overbearing on foreigners because he spends all of his time showing the college girls how to correctly position their bodies on the gym equipment. 

I'll be  checking out the one in the 21st Century building too, thanks Trev.

Gym in the Kyungsung Area

In case you haven't found one already, or even if you have, this might be interesting:

There's a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym which is about a 5 minute bus ride from Kyungsung University Station. 100,000 per month... You get a discount if you pay... like... 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in advance.

Hmm, let's see... in a nutshell...

4th floor gym, cool and breezy in the summer. 3 punching bags. The people who train there are also good at all sorts of mixed martial arts. They have wrestlers, judo black belts, taekwondo and hapkido guys, couple of muay thai guys, and a really good boxers and a few legit MMA guys.

No, they don't pummel you to the ground or choke you unconscious... everyone's super nice and will go very light if you ask them to.

The instructor is Korea's first BJJ black belt... Really well-respected in Korea, and has won several competitions in Brazil. I think he's also a part-time ninja.

If you want to know how to get there, you just take the 24, 27, 39 or 131 bus to Yongho-dong. Get off at Yongho Sageri... you get off the bus, walk backwards (opposite direction of where the bus was headed before you got off) and make your first left after you get off the bus. Walk for 30 seconds 'till you get to the corner. It will be on your left side on the fourth floor across from the GS25. If you can't find the entrance, look up at the building, you'll see a big-ass poster of Shogun punching Nogueira in the face.

Text me at 010 4434 1987 if you wanna check it out, I'll just go with you the first time.