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Spices and Cooking Supplies

Dear Busanwebites,

I want to make Eggnog and Mullberry Wine.

Do you know where I can get nutmeg, cinamon sticks, thick creme and vanilla extract?

I live in Dongdaesin-dong if that helps.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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All over town!

Everything you want is readily available if you are willing to travel a bit. On the other hand with a little compromise it's all available in the same place.

Compromise: Use ground nutmeg and ground cinamon and you can go to somewhere like Homeplus or Megamart, since both also stock cream and vanilla extract. Look for the vanilla in the baking sections. I can't recall ever seeing cinamon sticks, but I've never really looked for them, so you might get lucky here, too. (Please note that Megamart has two sections for spices, the foreigner section and the regular section, so make sure you walk the aisles)

For the real ingredients: Whole nutmeg and cinamon sticks are to be found at the Asian markets in Sasang. There are 3 of them, but unfortunately can't get good directions at the moment because old forums are down. This is the best I could find.

From Sasang Station take the exit for the Sobu Bus Terminal and Homeplus walk straight past the bus sta. and a long string of Soju tents until you see a big E-mart(foremorely Carrefour)beside a big Homeplus. Turn right and walk about 2/3 of the length of the E-mart building/grounds, then turn right down one of the side streets, the Shop is a few places in on the left and is/was called ASIA MART and if you go just after dusk you can't miss it as they have a blindingly bright sign.

There are also baking stores around the markets in Nampo which are closer to you, maybe you might get lucky and get cinamon sticks there too.

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Try Kimhae- chinae or downtown.


Qamar, the owner of the Tandoori bar has all the ingredients in one place(Foreign Food Mart).You could buy them, have a curry, and then watch Pocolambro on the 18th of this month.Take the 123, 1000, 128 , 128-1 from Busan or the Subway ( then bus).Get off in the Dwontown area, find the 4 way jucntion (sarguri), it is in the lanes opposite the Topmart and KEB bank.Tandoori has a site on Facebook and it's own website.The cream is  goot ,very goot.I alway spens zee money there, it's a problem.So many things, esp Lamb!!!

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I'm pretty sure you can find

I'm pretty sure you can find cinnamon sticks almost everywhere.  Koreans cook and make tea with it.  I found it at Emart in Haeundae in the sort of "traditional" section near the vegetables. 

In Korean it's called 계피 "Gyepi"