Cat Cafe in Ksung

I recently found this cat cafe called "With Cat" which, as the name suggests, is a cafe with a bunch of cats shoved inside. These are pretty popular in Japan, and from what I've seen this particular cafe is hugely popular with Korean schoolgirls who are on the prowl for a fistful of fur. Consequently, the cats are pretty freaked out with all the groping they get and tend to skirt around the walls for cover at peak times. However, if you get there on a weekday you're more likely to get a table to sit at and a nonchalant kitty to pat.  Coffee, Tea and other beverages start at 4,300 won for an Americano. Take your shoes off at the door and put on the slippers outside before you enter.

To get there:

  • Leave Kyungsung Station Exit 1 and walk straight.
  • Take the second street right.
  • Then take the first street left (parallel to the highway).
  • About half way along this block is the cat cafe on the right.
  • Walk up the wooden stairs to the entrance on the 2nd floor.



Re: Cat Cafe in Ksung

I went there today.  The cats were all cool, and the place is really clean and cozy.  We brought our 10 month old daughter though, and the owner didn't tell us there is a over 7 age limit until after we ordered the drinks.  She was gentle with the cats, but because she loves animals she tends to squeal and laugh loudly when she sees them, which the owner did not like.

Other than that, if you don't have children, this place is pretty cool.