New Beer On The Block - WA Bar Dunkel

Just last week I was browsing a 7/11 and came across a canned beer I hadn't seen before: WA Bar Dunkel. It's a German dark wheat beer, that is interestingly brewed in Germany and imported to Korea, then sold under the WA Bar brand name (ostensibly for import tax savings).

My sources have told me that a) it's actually Oettinger Dunkles Hefeweissbier and b) the aforementioned beer is actually among the cheapest you can buy in Germany. But don't let that turn you off, because I'd add that c) this beer is ten times better than any of the shite American largers, or even shitter Korean clones cut with rice, that you can normally get in a convenience store in Korea.

It sells for 3,500 won for a 500mL can at 7/11, so do yourself a favour and go grab one.

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Thanks for the heads up - I finally got to check these out last night. E-mart has the Pils, Export, and Super Forte, but not the Dunkel that WABar has rebranded (and probably making a huge profit on).

I've had a flu so my senses of taste and smell are somewhat lacking, but I'd say the Pils is not bad but rather yeasty, the Super Forte was just bizarrely terrible, but the Export was well balanced and rather drinkable.  (Keep in mind this is considered hobo beer its country of origin).

I'll check them all out again later when I've got a clearer head, but I think the Export will become my regular brew, considering its cheap and decent. Cheers again for the info.

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Here in Masan at the Lotte mart they have a good deal on a German brand called ''Thur.....''? Sorry I took out the empties all ready. The price was good for them being king cans (500ml) way under 2,000w. I don't thnk you can beat it for the price,taste and the leterage.

Happy drinking everyone!

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Did you see the Oettinger Hefeweise at Emart? If so, which store was it?

If you're partial to wheat beers, the Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss is also at E Mart (and Shinsegae) and properly considered the best of its type. Its three times more expensive, but well worth it.

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I also tried the "Thuringer" I found at Lotte. It was around 1,550 for 500ml. I seem to remember there were two kinds. One about 4.2% another around 5%, I prefered the stronger one. Great price and made under the German Purity Law of 1506. The Oettinger hefeweisse I have found at a few eMarts. Most recently in Tongyong. Home Plus also carries a few Tesco branded beers. They are made in Holland and are similar to Heineken. 

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Yes invo, there are two kinds. The yellow one is the stronger wheat beer and the whitish can is the regular lager I think. I actually prefer the whitish can one. I think I've drank enough of the Oettinger wheat to spoil me and I just don't find the Thuringer wheat as yummy.

Oettinger also has another beer in a blue can I think it's called export.

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Yes the strong Oettinger is awful. I agree the export and wheat are pretty good. Yeah the cheapest thing to buy in Germany but miles better than cASS (s)Hite etc.

I have the Thoringer or whatever and Damburger beers from Lotte Mart in the fridge ready for a taste. Thanks for the comments everyone. Oh yes. I just bought some Streiberg beer from Guseo Emart. It was even cheaper than the Oettinger when they had it. About 1500won a 500ml can. Hope it's OK.

stale beer bump

Bumping a dead beer thread...  In my adventures to beerland I've had two stale as fuck abominations recently, that you'd be best to avoid: Willianbrau Weizen from Shinsegae Dept Store @ Centum City, and Krombacher Weisen from Lottemart @ Myeongnyun-dong.

The Willianbrau is a no-name Italian beer going for 1,5080 won. Methinks they know its skunky crap and are trying to clear it all out before anyone catches on. Good job Shinsegae.