advise please - where in busan to attend free korean classes?

hi all,

if any of the forum experts can please advise...

are the any free korean classes in busan..if yes what location...?

i live at busan station if there is somewhere near there..

thanks for any answers

Re: advise please - where in busan to attend free korean ...

Hello depth,

There's an organization currently located at City Hall that offers free Korean classes. It's called Busan Foundation for International Activities. However, I went there a few weeks ago, and they told me that since they're moving their office to another building (apparently just across the street..?) they won't be starting up Korean classes again until beginning or mid-March.

This is the site where you can get a little more information as well as the application for the classes:

Best of luck!

Hi All,  I've just moved here

Hi All, 

I've just moved here and am having trouble with my Korean! I just checked into these free lessons and they're open for registration now. I thought I'd just give it a bump in case someone wants to come and join me in the beginner class. :-)

Let me know if anyone would be up for a coffee or beer. I'm an Aussie living near Seomeon. I moved here on my own, so keen to meet new friends.

Cheers, Mel