Where can I buy lube in Busan?

I mean lubricant of the "personal" variety.   I've never seen it in pharmacies or supermarkets, and the only adult store that I've visited here seemed pretty unclean, and many of the items for sale had their packaging opened.  If you know anywhere it's sold, please let me know - and bonus points if its not far from Kyungsung.

Can anyone help me out? 

Re: Where can I buy lube in Busan?

they used to sell astroglide at homeplus, but no any more.  yes, that does not help you.  just ask at a pharmacy.  they should have it.  sometimes it is sitting right at the counter and you would never know.  makes me laught after going through the motions with the pharmacist.  you can order from www.privatetoyz.com.  it is an english site in korea.  just transfer money and they ship things from korea, so it only takes a few days to receive stuff.  happy shopping and chickentickling

Re: Where can I buy lube in Busan?

Thanks to everyone for the ideas.  I ended up going to a pharmacy and asking for "love gel" and got a 50mL tube for 4700 won.  It was in the glass counter at the front, so I guess its not unheard of in Korea, and the pharmacist was cool about selling it.