Ultimate Frisbee Game

Sorry, I posted so many questions?

Are there any teams for Ultimate Frisbee Game? Is anyone interested in doing that?

It is really fun game and good work out as well....

ultimate frisbee

I dont know any groups playing locally.  I'd be interested in joining if we can get a group going.

 I would join! I have only

 I would join! I have only played a handful of time but loved it. I used to play a mean game of disc golf so maybe that will transfer over somehow! Let me know.


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Hey guys, we have a small

Hey guys,

we have a small group that try to get together every saturday or sunday. we usually play in buam, one stop from seomyeon on a nice hard dirt field. nothing too competitive, its only for a bit of fun. so if you are interested, send me an email


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Can you tell us details like

Can you tell us details like exact place, time, etc? Do you have disc? We'd better play at grass field rather than hard dirt field if you can find. If not, it's OK...

I may email you as well...


I've heard of people playing at the beach.  How about Gwangalli?  It's empty these days since it's off season. :)

It depends on wind

If wind is quiet the beach is the best place to play frisbee game. Kirk said, he would play at Buam. So, we could go for that. I am not sure where in Buam. He will tell me soon. I am not available this weekend. I could play at next weekend...

Just wanna throw my hat in

Just wanna throw my hat in and say I know 3 people at least (including me) that would love to jump into a game of Ultimate.


Hi Muskokas, Pronomad, Eglayzer, Kirk,

How about this weekend? Do you have disc and goal line indicators?

Where is good place to do it? Let me know.

Someone has to lead this event... People can follow...


did it happen?


just saw this thread! did a game happen last weekend? if so, where and will it again?


Not yet

Hi Jane,

Unfortunately it never happended. I will be in Korea for two more weeks so, I guess you guys have to set it up...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!