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Hello everyone, back in the US I was a happy producer of the fermented arts.  I really enjoyed making my own happy hour delights.  Last year I thought about giving it a try here, but it didn't work out.

This year I was a little more dedicated and have finally got my hands on a nice big pad of Nuruk to use as I please.  Starting tonight my inner brewer gets to come out in full force.

That being said is there anything like a Brewers’ Club or other group here in Busan-  If not lets get it rolling.  A good way to share tips, recipes, and just good stories about making the stuff you like.  Anyone interested can send a reply to me or directly to [email protected]


Also made an account on Facebook "Busan Brew"


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Made up the 마걸리 and it looks great.  in 3 to 5 days I'll have a couple liters of it to test.  Also plan to make a blog or other site as a base for a brewers club.

Thanks for the interest all, lets hope all brewers can have more fun brewing in Busan.


The Makkoli is brewing perfectly.  Even smells like the real thing in two days.  Going to let it fermetn until monday and then try it.  This is so much easier to brew than beer.

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Hey Tin, do you know how to make the 'doduk' makkoli? It's brown and made brown by adding roots. I'm just wondering if you have ever made it or tried?  I think it's much yummier than the white stuff.

(trying to bury the hatchet here).

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Pretty sure thats the one with Ginsing and they leave the bran on (brown rice).  I havent made it yet.  You betcha its tasty, as it is usually made in smaller batches and fresher.  They had a crock of it at the sushi bar we went to for orientation, it was emptied 3 times.

In the second batch I am making I used normal and bran on black wild rice mixed with apples.  Its a very fragrant purple makkoli.  Cant wait to taste it.

(No worries about hatchets when it comes to brewing.)

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Oh...so it's actually unbleached rice?  I just get horrible hang-overs from the white stuff, not so bad from the brown.

Good brewing to you!


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I think its really interesting how some alcohols effect people in different ways.  In fact it led me to brew in the first place.  Its very simmilar to cooking as the ingreidants you put in have such a different result on the body.

Any questions you have I can do the best to answer them, worked in a liquor store for a while and I dont know it all, but am happy to share what other people taught me.

-Side note: Make sure to really clean your stuff when you brew.  I was a little lazy with one my batchs and it turned pretty sour.  Still drinkable, but yech paid for my lazy cleanup.

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Different ways in health? getting sick, not getting sick, headaches or none or body aches?  or do you mean turning into a mean fucking drunk?

I've seen my share of this. Some people just shouldn't drink certain things. Back home whiskey is a bad drunk for many people. Here  I still think soju has a fight in every bottle for a greater percentage of people. The cheaper the booze the worse the fight metre reads me thinks?

anyone else?

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Whether soju is coming out from makkulri or not, those both brewed or distilled liquors are not at all good to me.  I might be allergic to any alcoholic beverage: even a half glass of OB made my head turn upside down, and I thought the whole world was a shaky drunk.   When it's time to think about Korean Tossok-ju (folk liquor) or Jheontong-ju (traditional liquor); makkulri, tak-ju, yak-ju, or even worse daepo;  from white or beige to dark brown, I have a terrible memory about it back in mid '80s.   Nonetheless, I enjoy my church communion service with grape liquid.  Sparkling Korea is beautiful.

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I've came to the conclusion that Hellen isn't a real person.. IT is a rogue translator service that has mutated into a scary being. 

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Ah what?  If you had tasted a hell hot wine before, you would have known what I am saying, bird.

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I think Helen is right, alcohol is a universal translator. I think that's what she was getting at. I just don't drink that much these days. I'm not 25 anymore.