Korean Christmas CDs

It's the holiday season again. I was trying to figure out what to give the folks and idea I had was a holiday CD in Korean.

I know that Christmas isn't a popular holiday here (at least not like back home).

Does anyone know where I can get a Korean Christmas CD?  Either the location/website or the name of the singer/group who has Christmas CDs out? 


Re: Korean Christmas CDs

I know for a fact that there are Korean translations of the Western traditional Christmas songs as well as pop and rock songs. I've heard them.

But, for the most part, most shops, restaurants, bars etc. seem just to play the English versions.

I had a quick look online and found a couple of possible contenders, but I get a feeling that they may just be the English title written in Korean and the songs themselves are probably in English. Although it might be interesting if they are sung by Koreans in English!

Here is a link, the CD is only about 3 bucks so nothing to lose by ordering it. Gmarket is super English friendly as well.