Busan SPCA?

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Busan SPCA?


I am very interested in adopting a dog, but would prefer not to get one from the pet stores. I was wondering if anyone had any information on a SPCA type organization in Busan, or if anyone knows of a (small) dog that needs a forever home?

Thanks! :)

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Dog Rescue

I am also interested in saving a dog from being put down and giving it a quality and happy life in my home.


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Moved the snarky repetitive comments about pet adoption to: http://koreabridge.net/discussion/why-adopt-pets

If you want to beat the dead horse, please do so there.  There is really no need to bring this up and repeat the same old arguments for every time pet related post. 

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dog shelter

Hi There

I have a friend who runs a dog shelter in Busan.  It is amazing.  She and her friends run it from their own money and donations.  They rescue lost and abandoned dogs, clean them up, feed them, care for them and try to find good homes for them.  They do an incredible job through love, kindness, their own time and money and small amount of donations.  I know a number of people who have got dogs from her and it has turned out great for the dogs and the new owners.  I would highly recommend you contact her.  If you are serious about owning a dog - reply to my email and I will pass on her contact details. 

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To answer the original post


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Animal Adoption

Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (BAPS) is a no-kill sanctuary for dogs.  You can foster and/or adopt dogs from this organization.  More information can be found at http://shindogs.org/ or you can find them on facebook. 

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Re: Busan SPCA?
I have 2 dogs. One male Jindo and One female Jindo/huskie mix. Both are great dogs and we need to find a home for them.