Good Turkish Restaurant in Busan

I wrote a review about a good Turkish restaurant in Kyungsung. It's called Bey Kebap House. I'd like to find out if anyone knows of other Turkish restaurants around the city.

Re: Good Turkish Restaurant in Busan

There's one in Dushil (You can check Busan Life magazine back issues). There's another one in Seomyoen across the road from Judies Taehwa. Head down the road that runs perpendicular to the main road, take the first right and it's on your left. Bey kebap is probably the most authentic place in Busan, though. 

Re: Good Turkish Restaurant in Busan

The one near Judies is actually quite good and ran by two Turkish friends, they also have a link with the guy running the kebab stall in the B1 floor of the Lotte Department store. Good quality beef although small portions and high price should be expected. But authentic enough to indulge yourself sometimes

I heard that the one in the Ocean tower building is gone now but that one of the chef's opened a new place (no info where though).