One day you’ll be mine!

  • I want to find the perfect furniture for my new flat, but there are no Ikea in Korea! How am I supposed to know what goes with what, if a multinational company doesn’t show me the way? Deciding by myself is too hard! I miss those perfectly arranged bedrooms and bathrooms of Ikea…and also their swedish candies  -ah! Marabout chocolate!! One day you’ll be mine!!!!
  • I want to finally be able to fit in my little mini skirt without having to starve myself for days…and without having to slide it all the way down to my waist from the top of my body… ah! Korean size skirt! One day you’ll be mine!!!
  • I want to have a cute and fat cat that is able to do all the supid things you can see on internet, and spend the day looking at it and just laugh and maybe post some useless videos of it on youtube and be proud of my obvious lack of social life (if not I wouldn’t be home filming it! I’d have a life!!damn it!)… -ah!Funny lolcat! One day you’ll be mine!!!
  •  I want to have an Ipad just to laugh everytime it’s that time of the month ( I know I  am an easy crowd!). And everytime my boyfriend would ask me: “honey, can I use your Ipad?” I would love to  see the expression on his face when I am handling him a real one (relax a clean one!) and tell him innocently: “oh! you meant the Ipad, didn’t hear you correctly, sorry!^^” Cause I would try anything to disgust him from spending ALL his time on those stupid toys!!!!!!!!!!!!…-ah! modern and useless technology! One day you’ll be mine! 
  • I want to buy the typical “coupling shirt” and all those cute things Korean girls use to mark their territory when in a couple. It’s way cuter and less primal and embarrassing than peeing in the corners of every places my boyfriend goes to!…ah! Korean “coupling” accessories! One day you’ll be mine!!!!
  • I want to go to a casting that is looking for top models only  to know the feeling of walking in a forest of tall girls of which I couldn’t even see the faces..well…a forest of boobs actually as it would be the only thing I would see at my height!  And also to see the  casting guys telling me: “Excuse me, are you the cleaning lady? We are not finished yet! Come back later! please!” …ah! ridicule!! One day you’ll be mine!!!! 
  • I want to stop wanting useless things that are obviously making me dumber, but, hey! what’s a brain for anyway if you have everything you need in your house in order to never get out of it!!….ah! brain!! One day you’ll be mine!!!!!!


Re: One day you’ll be mine!

well, too much? haaha! I'll try to lower my expectations then! exit the fat cat and the Korean skirt! I'll settle for a big piece of "Marabout" chocolate!