Magic the Gathering in Busan

Hello All,

I am curious if anybody knows of a Magic the Gathering group here in Busan. I am looking for some people who can play once or twice a month, or more often if they have time. I don't have a lot of cards now, but I would like to get involved in something.

I used to play for several years, and then quit, and started again in the states over this past summer.

I am looking for groups or individuals who would like to play. I live out in Hadan, but I am willing to travel around Busan to play.

I am not a hardcore player, but I'd like to get more into it again.

Please contact me if you are interested via the email link above!

Re: Magic the Gathering in Busan

I used to play MTG, I still have my cards, but they're way back in the States... if I get my family to send them I'd be interested in playing sometime. I'll hit you up again if/when I get my cards, unless you know of a place to buy them around here....

Busan doesn't seem to have a game store of any sort, unfortunately, as far as I know (but I've only been here for a few months).

Re: Magic the Gathering in Busan

Yeah, when you get your cards, let me know. Honestly, I haven't seen any game shops here either. The only idea I have about getting more is either going to Seoul or buying in bulk from the states. But if you get some, let me know. I'd be happy to share with you what I have, but I probably only have two decks total. No more than 500 or 600 cards, so I will need to buy some as well.