Cheap options for moving from Busan to Seoul?


I will be moving up to Seoul from Busan at the end of the month and would like to either hire a large van to drive myself or have it handled by removal company. 

I have a fair amount of stuff about two standard SUVs worth.

Please can anyone recommend a good company, either local or nationwide based?

Also any ideas on cost?

Thanks, John.

Re: Cheap options for moving from Busan to Seoul?

A quick enquiry online shows that a Starex is going to cost about 100 bucks a day.

Do you either a Korean driving license or international driving license. Hiring cars here is relatively easy for foreigners.

If you were to use a professional mover, given the amount of stuff you say you have, would cost anywhere between 350-600 bucks. And these companies usually spend about half day moving you. So I would guess it might be more to go to Seoul

I have a ton of numbers for these companies if you want to make some enquiries.

Re: Cheap options for moving from Busan to Seoul?

Thanks for the info. 

Going on what you have said, we would much rather rent a van for the day considering the pricing.

Do you know if there would be a larger van for rent?

Thank you.

Re: Cheap options for moving from Busan to Seoul?

I had a look online and on the main rental car websites that's the biggest available. That's not to say you can't rent vans and trucks though, my Korean search skills probably just aren't good enough.

Saying that though, I have a feeling that to drive a truck or van you require a special driver's license, so there could be a problem there.

Re: Cheap options for moving from Busan to Seoul?

That's fair enough. I know back in the UK you can hire a Ford transit van on a standard license, but haven't seen anything of that size in Korea. 

Thank you for all the information you've given so far, could you please post a link to the site/s that you found please. 

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I've moved a few times in Korea, from Suwoon to Daegu, Daegu to Seoul, and Seoul to Busan. I've always used a bongo truck with driver. The cheapest way is to hire a guy who is on his way home. For example if you are moving to Seoul from Busan use a Seoul based company and ask to use the guy on his return trip. Secondly if you load and unload the truck yourself you will save more too. You should also expect to pay more if you live above the 2nd floor and the guy is helping you with loading and unloading.

I used a 2 ton truck and driver to move from seoul to Busan, but if you call the company and tell them exactly what you need moving they will be able to tell you what size truck to use. I paid 250,000won for the truck and driver and he loaded and unloaded. I paid an extra 50,000 for the use of a truck with a 'lift' because I live on the 4th floor and there was no elevator.  

When I moved from Daegu to Seoul I only had a 1 ton truck and did all of the loading myself and with friends and travelled with the driver for no extra charge. The price was 150,000won.

don't use a specialist moving company unless you want to pay through the nose.

one of my Korean friends helped me with the searching online for truck companies but in my experience this is the easiest and cheapest way to move.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the information Sarah. It seems like the right idea to catch the drivers on their home journey and do the lifting/labour. I'm all about saving money.  I would rather not use a bongo truck though just because I have a lot of electronics and would not feel comfortable with them on the back of an uncovered truck. But the 1 ton may be manageable. 

Would you happen to know what company you used when you moved? 


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sorry, it was over a year ago now. Your best bet is to ask a Korean to help you search the internet. 

There should be a few to choose from and I'm sure you'll get a reasonable price that way.

Sorry I can't help more.


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Hey given what you said about your electronics, you might want to consider hiring a car for the day from a National company so you can return it in Seoul. I think the going rate is 40-60 bucks a day. Then all of your furniture can be taken in a Bongo van.

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Finally found a suitable company:
We tried Avis and a bongo driver. I wasn't comfortable having my goods transported on one of those things. 
The above company came and assessed our belongings and we got a discount if we pack the lorry ourselves. They also offer a week worth of storage free, which is ideal considering I still don't know where I shall be staying. 
The guy who I was dealing with spoke excellent English and when we exchange emails was prompt in his responses. 
Initially they quoted 750,000w but after some haggling we dropped it to 250,000w. 

Thank you both for your help on here. I'll let you know how I get on when I'm settled.