Where to get a tattoo in Busan

looking for a good place to get a tattoo done in Busan, has anyone had one done here?

Re: Where to get a tattoo in Busan

There's also Tattoo Korea in Seoul.  It's a bit far but their work looks great.  Timely topic because I've been dying to get a sleeve started.  Just have to start checking out different studios. Saw this in the classifieds.  Keen to know how well they do other styles because Japanese tattoos aren't really my taste.

Tattoo Studio located 5 minutes from Shinsegae in Centum City, Busan. Specializing in Japanese tattoos. Over 20 years experience tattooing in Osaka, Canada and South Korea. We follow western standards of sterilization. For questions about our facility or for a consultation for a custom tattoo you can find us at:


or email us at: [email protected]

Re: Where to get a tattoo in Busan

There is a real good studio in Haundae on Dalmaji hill. I got some work done there, it was great.. the guy was a real professional and the shop was real nice.