Import tax and duty

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I am trying to get my bike posted to me from the UK. I just would like to know, will I need to pay any duty, taxes, vat etc when it arrives in Korea?


The value is less than 100 pounds so I need to know if it is worth it.





More trouble than it's worth.

More trouble than it's worth. Why post a 100P bike from the UK? For the same cost as posting your bike you could probably just buy a bike here. My wife just bought a new bike from Home plus for W100,000.

For anyone interested I found

For anyone interested I found out some info.

If the total cost (of item, shipping, insurance) is less then 150,000 Won ($120) you do not pay anything. If it's over that, for most goods is 8% Custom Duties and 10% Tax.



if its worth less than 100

if its worth less than 100 UK, I'm guessing around 200,000 KRW??  just get a new one'll pay taxes on it and shipping...

I always ...

mark my packages as 'replacement product' that way you can insure them for the full amount and dont pay any tax on them ... makes sense I think ;)

hey mr.blackmint

where did you find the information about the tax rates for imports? did you call or was it a website? ordering some shoes and need to decide whether to pay up front or when they arrive.  the store charges about forty percent and gurantees that i will pay nothing when they arrive, but the 18% you mentioned sounds much better.  thanks