Giant's Balk at Renewing Royster's Contract!

Details are still sketchy and I am in contact with Jerry (who is back in Santa Monica) via email, but it is confirmed: He will not return.

I will keep you updated as the story comes in from Jerry and from the Giants.


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Re: Giant's Balk at Renewing Royster's Contract!

People, this is good news. Royster had to go. The reasons are as follows -

1) Stagnation - prior to Roysters arrival the Giants were horrible. However, in the recent years, while under the control of Royster, they became relevant and exciting again. Credit on this front must be given to Royster. However, for 3 years, the exact same thing has happened. A 4th place finish and a quick exit from the playoffs. This is not improvement folks, its stagnation. The pro-Royster crowd may say that 3 straight playoff appearances is success. People, its an 8 team league! And 4 teams make the playoffs! 50% of the teams make the playoffs! It's an 8 team league! Coming in 4th in an 8 team league is not great, its average.

2) Foreign Player Struggles - Now, for this arguement I am assuming that Royster has a large say in what foreign-born players are recruited and eventually join the Giants. If he has no say, then this argument is irrelevant but I think its safe to say that he has some pull, if not the final decision. During the three years of Royster's tenure, there have been 5 different foriengers who have played for the Giants. Let's look at it year by year

2008 - Garcia - definate success

           McClary - definate failure

            Cortez - leaning towards failure

2009 - Garcia - mediocre

           Adkins - mediocre

2010 - Garcia - failure

           Sandowsky - leaning towards success

that is not a good record of success regarding the foriegn born players. Other teams have used their foreigners to lead them to success but Royster has never been able to do that. Moreover, i would assume that having Royster as a coach would have made it easier to attract foreigners to come and play for the Giants. They should have no trouble getting the cream of the crop who are willing to play in the KBO. However, Royster has failed on this front.

3) Pitching in General - the Giants have a great offense. They have for a few years. Their lineup is packed with good hitters and the stats back it up. Hong Sung Hoon, Lee Dae Ho, Kang Min Ho, Garcia (at times), Jo Sung Hwan and others have formed a potent offense. However, for three years now the pitching has let them down. Royster has done nothing to change that situation. And, as recently seen int he playoff collapse, once again it was pitching (and defense) that let them down. If anything, I think this team has been underachieving. They just need the pitching and defense to keep them in the game and let the offense do the rest. However, ROyster has been unable to bring the pitching up to even a decent level.

In closing, I enjoyed the Royster era. I thought he brought a lot of excitement to Busan and his tenure will be remembered as a success tinged with thoughts of 'couldn't they have done better?'. He seemed to enjoy being a manager here and would have liked to stay and i respect that. Unfortunately, I want to see a winner. And with Royster, that just wasn';t happening.

Re: Giant's Balk at Renewing Royster's Contract!

While you make some great points over all, I think on the specific story of whether keeping Jerry or not was wise misses a much larger problem with the Lotte organization. Do they really care about spending the money to win? I think this really comes down to a financial issue. I have built a good relationship with the Giants organization over the past few years and my sense is that the parent corporation is not that big on bringing home the trophy and thus, not willing to spend the money to do it. I have heard as much from people on the inside as well.

One need only look at the condition of the field at Sajik during the playoffs. Shoddy patches surrounded by acres of dead grass. If for nothing more than at least a decent field, the other KBO teams are willing to spend, the Lotte company apparently is not.

At the beginning of last season they wanted to cut Lee Dae Ho's pay after a stellar year, they did cut Garcia's pay after a great year in 2009, which in view of his performance this season was a good call, and finally they tried to cut Jerry's pay after he put more butts in the seats than any other team in KBO history while at the same time giving fans a chance to sit in a playoff seat.

Best of luck to the Lotte Boys next year.

Re: Giant oysters for sale

people here still cheer for their teams back home but how many people here will go home and follow the lotte giants? some maybe but as long as there is sun and beer, people will go to sajik and party it up in the bleachers because it is fun.

Re: Giant oysters for sale

I think Paul is on to something there, and perhaps there's even a bit more in that to elaborate on.

Re: Giant's Balk at Renewing Royster's Contract!

The Giants don't own Sajik, the city of Pusan owns it.

The field did look terrible. I think they can't distinguish between a soccer field and a baseball field. Baseball fields need to be maintained otherwise someone could get hurt by a badly bounced ball or a twisted ankle.

I say, move the F-outta Sajik! Pay for a new stadium Lotte!

Re: Giant's Balk at Renewing Royster's Contract!

I didn't know the city was in charge of it. it was just sad seeing it in that condition in a nationally televised game.

Got some questions answered from Jerry today--though nothing earth shattering-- our baseball guy Matthew will write up a retrospective this weekend and we will run it on the site sunday.