Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

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Comments on classified

Comments on classifieds serve a good purpose and should stick around.  Answering questions about items publicly so that you dont get calls with the same question is a big one, but getting feedback is cool too.

I agree...

I think that the classified ads that have been posted as of late are severly lacking in common sense.  People are asking FAR too much for their stuff and it's really quite sad to see expats trying to nickel and dime people from their own community.  Anyone asking ridiculous prices deserves to be put in their place, and people who are unknowledgable in such things who are just looking for a good deal but are unsure of what a reasonable asking price would be should have this kind of information at their disposal.  It's good for people to have a heads up on what they are buying and what they should be paying.  Everyone has to make their way in this world, but if we're not willing to pay it forward then there's really no sense in even offering things up at a miniscule discount, might as well just say "this is what I paid, and I expect to get my money back!"

The more we offer things up at bargain prices for HALF of what we paid (you most likely got it handed down from more than one expat), unless we bought it brand new and it is less than 6 months old, the more we feed into this community and help each other to establish a comfortable living at affordable prices.  A sofa, a friggin SOFA, that you most likely bought from someone for 100,000, but THEY got from the street or from Joe Schmoe, and you want to ask 80,000 won?  This is merely an example of the kind of mindset that we need to be broken of, we need to understand that if we cut the price down by half, then hopefully the third or fourth person it reaches will get it for next to nothing.  This could make the difference in how they establish a comfortable living here, and YOU could very well be that person. 



Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

Dear Manager,

I hope that the Koreabridge Classifieds can continue to serve as a great resource for  those who would like to deal with someone who speaks English, aren't willing to or not able to shop Korean online sites, want to actually physically handle and inspect something before buying, or find something that isn't easily available in Korea and are willing to pay a little extra for those advantages.  As such, I would like to share my observations through this lengthy rant.

I find the comments section to be of limited value as they stand now, and are in fact ruining what is otherwise a great resource for the English speaking community.  I understand in a perfect world, they would serve as a forum to answer questions about items.  However, in reality what I've seen is that often they become a pulpit for the self-appointed "Koreabridge Price Police," henceforth known as the K.P.P, to try and bully prices down to what they personally deem are "acceptable" levels and demean those who don't agree with them. 

Quite simply, common sense dictates that what determines a "fair" price depends on what the market is willing to pay, not what the K.P.P. think it should be.  Unless I missed it, I am not aware of an international law stating that used goods are to be universally sold at 50% of X price. What is that based on?  Why is it not 45%, or 55.3%?  Could the Price Nazis please enlighten us fledgling ripoff artists and point us to the "Official Foreigner Guidebook for Used Prices in Korea 2010 Edition?"  

Should we all seek the official stamp of approval from the K.P.P. before posting so THEY can determine what is not "FAR too much?" I can already see it, "You can't sell that for 100,000 won.  You're a fraud if you do.  You have to sell it for 5,000 because I say so. Oh, and by the way, sell it to me!" 

What constitutes a "ridiculous price"- because YOU say so?    That is YOUR standard that you are trying to force onto everyone else. Prices are based on supply and demand and what people are willing to pay, not some claimed "50%" rule.  

One of the most offensive accusations is "You are trying to rip people off."  In other words, if the sellers asking price is higher than what I want to pay, I will accuse him or her of trying to defraud "fellow expats?"  Last I checked, the foreigner community here is predominantly college-educated and able to think for themselves.  People are not stupid and can decide independently if an asking price is to their liking. We don't need to be "saved" and "enlightened" by the all-knowing Price Gods of Koreabridge.  Insulting someone by calling them a scam artist through the anonymity of the Internet is quite gutless, and I wonder if those same people would call someone that to their face?

This attitude results in "Price Bullying."  This takes the form of the buyer saying "If you don't agree to my low-ball offer, then I will then proceed to post a bunch of links to Gmarket in the comments section and call you a scam artist and idiot."  Oftentimes, to make it worse, the Gmarket links are to Korean webpages!  Great for Koreans, but for many of us foreigners who aren't adept at Korean trying to navigate and purchase through the Korean sites is a nightmare at the least and more likely impossible.  Korean pages in an English forum?  Why don't you take your Korean links to a Korean forum?  Quite a different target audience there....

To top it off, many Korean online retailers require a Login and Password, which can be impossible to sign up for without a "주민등록번호" (Korean citizenship number).  Further, buying through Amazon,eBay or retailers outside of Korea also often involves sizable international shipping costs (if they even ship to Korea at all) and waiting time.  

If those in the small minority of vocal price bashers are truly trying to be helpful rather than trolling, they should instead post links to English sites in Korea where we can find used goods at their claimed "market" prices.  Either that, or point us to specific retailers here in Busan where we can walk in and purchase the items at their claimed prices.

Chances are, this isn't going to happen because of the limited availability, if any, of specialized English sites that cater to foreigners with rock bottom prices, and the fact that physical retailers are generally more expensive than online ones.  To those in the Price Brigade, if you have this magical source of 25,000 won laptops, 10,000 won flat screen TVs and 5000 won cameras, then why are you even bothering wasting your time on the Koreabridge classifieds? Also, why aren't you sharing your pot of gold with the rest of us "ignorant newbies?"  I thought you were trying to  "protect us against scammers?" 

I really don't believe you consider your fellow expats stupid enough that they can't spot a poor deal and need to be protected, enlightened and saved by you.  Rather, I question whether you are using the comments section to drive prices down overall in the classifieds to pennies on the dollar in the hopes that the seller will be left with no other options but to give away goods for next to nothing to you.  Trying to rip someone off goes both ways.  Either that, or have had some past negative experiences where you felt scammed and want to vent your frustration onto others in a relatively defenseless forum.

The "help a poor expat brother out" argument is also not very convincing.  Foreign teachers in Korea are not living in poverty. Due to the relatively low cost of living in Korea, most of us live comfortably.  We all know that the average starting salary for a foreign English teacher being 2.1, 2.2 million won/month with housing included combined with the cost of living, trying to claim that we are poor and in need of handouts is not very persuasive.  

How much is the "hook a fellow expat up" discount supposed to be- 80% off asking price? 90%? The seller shouldn't be forced to give a handout in order to help us so-called impoverished expats out. The seller isn't the Salvation Army, but if the K.P.P. is looking for that I'm sure they can find some through their clearly superior Korean websurfing skills.... 

While there are always exceptions, we do not require charity.  We all want to buy things cheaply and find a great deal, but there is a difference between "cheap" and "fair and reasonable" for both parties.  

I would be the first to agree that there are sometimes prices that I wouldn't be willing to pay.  Yes, I have seen some prices I personally thought were exorbitant.  However, just because I think a price is too high doesn't mean that everyone does, and I'm not arrogant enough to believe so or ridicule that price from the bully pulpit.  To use the "Comments" section to spew unfounded anger, insults and accusations lacks in class and ruins the board for all.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a culture of that these days in the Classifieds, and a small but vocal minority is using those tactics for questionable means.

I propose that Koreabridge either regulates the comments section with a "feedback system" for both sellers and buyers, or eliminates it completely.  As can be seen, the system is being abused.  Without the comments section,  buyers can still use the "email contact form", send a text message or call sellers to have their questions answered or make an offer.  If the seller is really serious about selling the item, he or she will respond and not be off put by answering questions more than once.  At the rate things are going now, the unfriendly environment in the Classifieds threaten to kill it and deprive the foreign community of a valuable resource.

To sellers, I urge you to carefully research your prices before posting, but also keep in mind that people will compare your prices to internet ones, whether realistic or not.  Adjust accordingly, but don't feel bullied into setting an asking price that you feel is unreasonable. Also, please don't play into the game of unloading stuff at pennies on the dollar because the Brigade made you feel like you had to.  Call their bluff.  A simple response of "Okay, you found a great offer on Korean Gmarket- you should go and buy it there" is fair and protects you.  Chances are, if they are posting Gmarket links to your ad to "show you up" then they most likely wouldn't be the most pleasant people to be involved in a transaction with anyways- a claim that can easily be verified by browsing through their comments history.  If the buyer is adept at shopping Korean Gmarket, then he or she really should be there instead of Koreabridge.

To buyers, I have enough faith in your intelligence that you can do research before buying, can spot a reasonable asking price, and can browse through the K.P.P's previous comments to help you get an idea of their style of "informing" people.

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

People who sell unwanted puppies, used bathroom slippers, used jock straps, half a pack of tampons,books, or even goods that don't belong to them, etc, etc, are there to be shot down. It's cheapness, selling used goods of limited value is ripping others off, pure and simple. If you are that desperate to make money off of others, then I feel sorry for you. I've just given way a lot of stuff, including a new unused toaster, microwave,cutlery and crockery,tables, chairs, a bike, and double bed. Guess that makes a c---nt in some people's eyes.Solid Champ has always been right about the tightness of the rip-off parasite transient, pathetic.

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

Angel, yes I agree I have seen many things I personally wouldn't take the time or effort to try and sell.  However, I try not to pass judgement or ridicule those who do.  No one is holding a gun to someone's head forcing them to buy any of it, and people are smart enough to know if it holds value for them.  

There are two issues here- first is WHAT people decide to sell and second is HOW MUCH they decide to sell it for.  I take issue with the insulting, crude manner and style in which the price bashers attack people with the attitude of "I'm going to shoot them down," or "Put them in their place."  Huh? Who the heck are they to think that is their place?  Were they hired by Koreabridge to patrol the classifieds and latch onto anyone trying to sell electronics?  Since the K.P.P. loves posting links in other peoples' ads, here is a great example to illustrate my point, and a testimony as to how the comments section is being abused:

"If you are that desperate to make money off of others, then I feel sorry for you."  

Personally, I'm not of the mind that it is even remotely possible to get rich from selling low-priced goods in the Koreabridge classifieds, and I have enough faith in my fellow foreigners that they don't think so either.  

Angel, I applaud you for your generosity. You sound like you have a warm heart. This is not directed at you and in no way meant to be sarcastic, but perhaps the price bashers should put their money where their mouth is and open up a Foreigner Salvation Army and give away all their belongings rather than trashing peoples' postings in the comments section of Koreabridge.

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

I like when people tell you to relax-because thay find what you are saying too much and can't handle it. Relax bro!

Opinions should never be silenced and it is because of this reason I think we should be able to post comments on everything here. Job posts are tricky because people pay to post them here but when the ad is a lie or someone has information about the school, we should be able to hear these stories on the ad page itself, not hidden away in the forums. Schools that treat people poorly or have misleading ads should be able to commented on. People would need to watch what they say because under the law we can not say anything bad about them and they can do just about anything they want including having an underground blacklist for teachers but still, wolves in sheeps clothing should be able to be called out in order to protect teachers here.


As for people selling things, I have seen so many times people selling used shoes, half bottles of perfume and used kitchen towels for 500WON-yes, 50 cents and so on. While this is crazy, some do post stuff on here that is way over priced and this is a problem. Why not have your fellow expat be able to help you by posting some info on the page that can help you to save some money? 

I do not think one needs to be rude but being able to call out bad jobs and over priced items is not a bad thing. I hope this site opens itself up, trusts the community, and allows more freedom.

Anyway, happy holidays all!

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

Paul, we're getting back to the old chest nut. We're back to yee old "comment- check-list, rating form".For recruiters, jobs, products, restaurants (lol), etc, etc.For this website, that might be disastrous.They'll never go for it.Have a good hols !

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

[insult removed]

Many of these jobs are borderline human rights violations. All I ask is that koreabridge add a pull down window for renumeration with the minimum being 25,0000w and increase by 5,000w. Is that so hard?  Dicussion, topic over and done with. No more beating dead horses.

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

Comments should be allowed, especially on jobs. KB is doing nothing but allowing the cheaters to cheat the foreign residents. Please KB allow comments on job posts, you are not letting both sides of the coin to be shown. People are getting cheated daily and this venue is helping those who would cheat. Please allow the pain to stop...allow comments on the job ads.

Re: Do you think comments should be allowed on classified ads?

Salvation Army - you r having a larrf.I have done my stint for charity,whether it by force in uniform, or later by building hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. I do not need upstarts lecturing me on how to life a good life.I have saved more lives than you can ever imagine. Whether it be directly, physically and indirectly via secondary rehabilitation measures eg food distribution, clothes,water sanitisation and  agricultural projects.I have lived in places you wouldn't last a minute in, well you'd pee your panties at the airport as the smell of human hits you.Then, the welcome toothy grin and the first AK hits the sweat off of yer face.No running water, no electricity, no food for days, or anti venoms.Now I am teacher, and at peace.Thus, I might have some hatred of people who ridicule us, with their laughable offers and prices.As far as  I am concerned, they are openly and brazenly cheating you, and that's wrong.Cheats never prosper!Even that greedy coooont Bernie Madoof eventually met his maker.Ohh, Kermit, or McGiver, what have you done for the world lately? Attend a rally!

" Don't Push Me!"- Arnie quote LOL.