In need of a woman's doctor

I really need to see a woman's doctor soon, preferably a female doctor. My friend gave me a business card of one, but none of the phone numbers on it seem to be in service anymore.  I'm willing to go anywhere in the city as long as I can get an appointment soon.


Thanks so much.

There are several womens

There are several womens hospitals between Namcheon and Suyeong. I have no idea about the staffing of female doctors, but no harm in trying.

I can't remember exact locations and it's a failry long road, so best advice would be to get off at Geumnyeonsan subway and get any bus heading towards Suyeong Junction and stare out the window on your left hand side, pretty sure I've seen 2 or 3 along that road.

There is also one right on the Daenam rotary in the same area. Which I can give directions for. Take exit 3 at Namcheon subway. Go straight until you get to the big crossroads, go left on this crossroads ( it heads to MegaMart) the hospital is almost immediately on your left.

Good luck.


A good friend of mine is an obstetrics nurse and I'm sure that she knows many gynaecolegists in Busan.  Her English is very good, but unfortunately she works in the opposite end of town as you do.  I don't want to make her phone number public, but if you need her and pm me, I will put you in contact with her; no promises, but she might even to interpret for you.  Co-incidentally, I'm going to be seeing her tomorrow.  I had a male student that was an ob/gyn whose English was at university level, but I think he's in the U.S. at the moment.  Good luck.

 I went to the hospital

 I went to the hospital in Geumnyeonsan right off the subway (Good Gang Hospital), the gyno was a man but he and the nurses were all awesome and spoke really good English.  All you have to do is ask for a woman's doctor at the reception and then the OB/GYN is on the third floor.  Good luck with your search!!!