summer photography contest 2010

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summer photography contest 2010
Can you explain me the process of "approval by moderator"in this photography contest of summer 2010. I am an Indian student studying in Busan. I would like to participate in this photography contest as I am very much interested in photography & I think I have lot of stuff to show you guys but I am bit confused about this approval thing. This is why I haven't uploaded any of my photo till now, I just made an account on koreabridge.. hope to have an urgent response so that i can post my pics soon..!!!
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Re: summer photography contest 2010
We moderate photos from new registrants to make sure that inappropriate or spam-like photos do not make it onto the site. Once someone has posted any kind of legitimate post (like you have), they become a 'trusted user' and their posts (including photos) are no longer moderated. 
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