Well I had to get it off my chest, Korean mosquitoes are crazy!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!

Whether you live in the 20th floor of an apartment building, in a house or in a hotel, they are everywhere! They follow you up in the elevators and in your house if you are not careful, I heard there was once a korean TV series that said they can even make their way through the mosquitoe nets on the windows!

They wait in your room hidden behind an object, and once you turn your lights off they come and eat you alive! And these bastards are fast! If you try to catch them they hide somewhere!

It's the first time I see so many mosquitoes in cities of a such size as Seoul and Busan! Only tonight I killed 4 since I arrived home, I don't even know how they got here in the first place!



I highly recommend you buy a mosquito net, even though we're nearing the end of the season for them.  Also do yourself a favor and buy one that acts as a sort of pop up tent around your bed.  They're easy to use and even more effective than the nets you have to hang from the wall or ceiling.