Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

 I was fired a month ago and my last day of employment is tomorrow any one know what happens to my E2 visa? 

 Nobody told me if it's cancelled or would tell me. I read something that they have to cancel it to find a new teacher.

 Anybody know how much they charge you daily if you overstay?

 I heard 10,000 a day. Not sure but if they canceled it i could end up overstaying it 30 days. Figured a trip to Japan would cost almost as much. so even if they tell me not to come backto korea  no problem. 

 Is there a number to call to find out my status?


Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

It used to be 15 days from the termination date.

If you haven't gone down together nothing has been cancelled, it has to be done in person. It sounds to me like they have simply told you they don't want you to work for them anymore but they haven't bothered doing it legally. If this is the case you will still be on a valid visa but not working anymore. 

I've been out of the E2 game for years but back then if you wanted a new job that started before the expiration date of your old job(1year) you needed a letter of release. It was entirely up to your employer if they want to give you one or not.  

I'd go down to your nearest immigration office pronto.

Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

so to have your visa cancelled you have to be there in person with your employer at immi.? they cant do that without you?

 thanks yeah i called that number 1345, still valid and i guess i'll keep checking in to find out if it was cancelled...

Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

first time i got fined, was in 05, under the 10 day bench mark, cost me 100,000. in 08 i was fined 250,000 for overstaying 10 days.(30 in fact) also you might want to know, they have forced me to go back to my country to get a visa, no more japan visa runs. 

if you want to know your visa status just call 1345 from touch tone phone.

Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

After your last day of work you have 14 days to go to Immigration with your employer (or a rep) to cancel your visa.

You are usually given an extra 30 days after that.

They stamp the back of your ARC with your date of departure.

Immigration hotline can answer all your questions at (02) 1345.


Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

Lip, I just have a feeling these people haven't done anything yet in the process. The hotline number is a good start but that's Seoul.  I really think you need to go down to the branch if you haven't yet where you got your visa and with a rep. of the school or the owner.

Let us know how is goes.

Re: Fired-E2 visa cancelled?+overstay fee

The Hakwon is your sponsor.Therefore, it is their responsibility to cancel your visa and guarantee your flight return out.That is normal law in most countries, there are no exceptions.Sadly, in this place, it is hard to guarantee your due rights.Remind them, they are your sponsors.