Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?

I have an F-2 visa.  I do 3 hours of part time work at a hagwon.  I gave them a copy of my diploma. They say that city people want my transcripts. I'm reluctant to needlessly hand out my personal info.  I've never had anyone else ask me for this college info when doing part time work.

Does anyone know if this is a legal requirement.  My visa is not connected with my job, so immigration is not an issue.



Re: Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?


Transcript as a legal requirement for a PT job? Are you kidding me? Some hagwons dont even bother to see your diploma or licenses.  If you are a native, you got the experience and the skills to teach .. then you got the job pronto. That's what employers look for especially during the interview.





Re: Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?

I have had some ask for my marriage certificate. Crazy stuff. For part time, ifthey are even hiring you legally, all they have to do is register you at the tax office. No documents needed-just your alien card. But most dont even do this of course. The biggest worry here is immigration as everyone is cheating on taxes every which way possible so with the F2, they really have nothing to wory about. Even the diploma is not needed. I never give them anything. They want to photocopy your passport or stuff like that but no way. If theyask you for something ask them if you can photo copy their business license and something to do with taxes. I forget the document name. When they say no tell them you know how they feel. Good luck.

Re: Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?

If your hagwon is fully legit, they do require your diploma to register you as a teacher with the local education office.

Transcripts are an immigration requirement, therefore are unnecessary for F2's.

Most hagwons' don't register part timers with the education office.

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I've got a friend desiring to teach in Busan from October, asking me to hire a lawyer to make a pay plan to his college in the US in order to issue him an official transcript.  It sounded nonsense if he owed money to his former college long time ago, and it came out with interest to pay back to ask for any document from it.  I told him his dimploma would be fine to apply for a E-2 visa with no transcript last month.  That is done.  Nobody shall never ask any transcript in South Korea from September, whether it is a college or a primary/secondary school (-:   The Korean immigration announced transcripts will be set off from requirement to apply for all teaching-related visa from the date of September 1, 2010 [성적증명서 ( 출신학교에서 봉인하여 발급) -> 2010.9.1 부 생략] 

Re: Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?

unless it's against the law, an employer can ask for whatever documents it sees fit to have, but that does not mean you have to consent.  just realize there may be repercussions for not complying.

Re: Does Hagwon need transcripts for part time work?

Transcripts are only formalities that are required to obtain an E2 visa.  If you are already in Korea with a legal visa to work, a transcript will not be required.  However, it is the policy of the Ministry of Education in Korea, that any English instructor, private or public institution, have a 4 year degree.  

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What 143 says is true but the MOE is a rubber stamp agency and doesn't have a gestapo unit or use their tactics.

My wife has had a study room for ten years and she has never gotten a visit once. A local hogwan in my town has an F2 Russian women teaching English, she has been there for 3-4years. There are competative hogwans in the same building I might note. Any rival hogwan would have called immy and even the MOE by now. She's still there, I have coffee with her once a month. Elena, a nice lady, English sufficient but definately not a native speaker.

I think most hogwans simply fail to report anyone not fitting the criteria. Apparently from one of the post above, come Sept. even transcripts are not required anymore.

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I'm guessing it is a Hakwan obligation.-to get their licence approved, or something weird like that.Maybe it is trying to claim that they have a full time teacher, to enhance their standing.

From what I understand, the Hakwan is only required to register the teacher if they are contracted full time and E2 status However, the laws for Hakwan &  F visas is murky here, not completely sure for Hakwans.Maybe the Hakwan, or the official don't understand your status- or situation clearly enough.

An F visa requires you to get a tutor's licence(there are two types)- a study room and freelance one.I think, you must register every student,location and what you charge them.This does not apply to kindergarten or teaching adults(weird).

 I think that you do not have to register as a F visa, and you have to explain to them, especially as it is only part time.It is a little confusing, I think the most important thing is to get you taxes paid in this case.

You should join AFEK.