Calling overseas, help please!

Alright I bought this international calling card in a convenience store and well unbelievably these cards cannot be used from a public phone (???).

Anyway I talked with my sharemate and he said the cards he bought can also only be used from landlines phones or cellphones. I do have a cellphone but it's prepaid and too expensive to call from. And I don't have a land phone!!

So is there any cards that are cheap to use and that can be used from a public phone?? I can't believe they make calling cards that doesn't work from public phones, it's retarded! I really need to make some calls so if you guys have the name of a card I can buy (even if I can buy it through internet it's fine with me) and that can be use from a public phone, please let me know!

Many thanks!


I highly doubt a pay phone is cheaper per minute than a pre-paid cell phone. Pay phones in Korea are not like 25 cent pay phones in the states where you can talk as long as you want. Also, use Skype for international calls. It's super cheap, but obviously you need the internet. Good luck.


 Skype is very easy and cheap to use, 40 pounds a year and unlimited calling to any home phone of your chosen country (also mobile phones in US) 

thanks but..

Thanks but skype can only be used between users of Skype no? I heard a lot about this program but I'm not too familiar with how it works. I need to call to a bank to activate my card, so in this case I don't know if I'd have to call with another method.


No, skype is FREE between user to user...but you can buy credit for SUPER cheap(2cents/min in America) and call cell phones, landlines, 800 numbers, etc...anything....and for your can also use your computer keys when it asks to dial your card number, "Press 1 for english" kinds of things as well....
you can also send text messages too from it...but cant get replys.

Just go to, download it...and u'll see.



Calling Home

It is quite easy to use calling cards from public pay phones.

(1) Look for the "119" button. Press it and wait for the dial tone.

(2) Key in the access number (080-###-####)

(3) Follow the remainder of the format as outlined on your card.

The above usually works for me.


Well, my cards are fine on

Well, my cards are fine on public just push the red button first then you can call 800 free numbers on your card...easy shit..i dont use cell here, too's what i mainly can even tie it to your cell phone, call telephones, other problem...but ..sometimes the connection is a bit retard...