Best kebabs in Busan - Seomyeon Big Boy!

Big Boy Kebab opened up just a month and a half ago in Seomyeon, just 2 blocks down the street next to the main intersection (the one with Coffee Bean on the corner) on the left. The owner, Richard (English name) is an incredibly nice and genuine man, who really just wants to bring a great kebab to Busan at a low price (ONLY 3000 WON). And yeah, he has falafel. This man loves his art, puts HUMMUS and all kinds of amazingness on there, and uses only fresh ingredients. I liked it so much I told him I'd advertise for him, so here that is. CHECK IT.


Again, this place is about halfway between the Coffee Bean and the Baskin Robbins, on the left. With your back to the Coffee Bean, take a left, stay on the same side of the road. Look for a sign that says "Big Boy" with a picture of a jovial fat guy. It's on the first floor, kind of out on the street.

Good to hear. Is he using

Good to hear. Is he using that yummy yogurt sauce and decent veggies (lettuce, onion, tomato, cabbage etc. ) or just that nasty sweetish tomato based sauce with just cabbage that the majority of the kebab places do in this town?


good veg (kind of like a twist on tabouleh with onions and tomatoes and whatnot), different lettuces, all good. he has chicken, falafel, or beef for 3000 won. The guy is from Iran, had a kebab shop in New Zealand for 10 years,and pretty much knows his stuff. I might have to get another one today.

Sounds like the genuine

Sounds like the genuine article. Will make sure to check him out next time I'm in that part of town. Thanks for the info.

exit 7

walk straight forward out of exit 7 in seomyeon.  probably about 60 meters/yards or what not and on your left. had a falafel and chatted with the lady a bit.  i thought it was good.  perhaps a bit rubbery, but i wouldn't hold that against them.  it was 4:40pm on a saturday.  overall i was quite happy.  like the first dude said, 3000won.  chicken, beef, or falafel.  being a veggie eating type of guy, being able to get falafel without having to sit down somewhere or make it myself i am quite happy.  believe there were three nuggets on there along with the sauces and veggies.  thanks for the tip, guy

Took your advice...

A buddy and I went down there today.  Had some trouble finding it at first, asked some foreigners at the coffee bean who knew exactly where it was.  Unfortunately they didn't really have high praise for the place, said it was decent at best and told us not to get our hopes up.

Good thing they lowered our expectations because we enjoyed it just fine.  Good stuff, definitely worth the 3,000won.  Thanks for the recommendation.

took your advice too

Not great, better than lotte basement or ks stand, but decent enough.  One thing that was annoying was that the guy just talks your ear off about how much better his kebabs are than everyone else. So much that it got a little uncomfortable.  If you want to hear how good it is before you eat it and have the owner watch you while you eat it asking about it the whole time, then go here.  That bragging might fade after he is here a while and then it might be better.  Or just go there with headphones on. 


Haha well that's an annoying thing for sure! Doesn't appeal me too much to go and try out his kebabs! Even if you have your headphones on he might still stare at you while you eat the kebab haha.


A couple of young Koreans were there making the kebabs when I went.  Looks like I got lucky.

to the easily annoyed...

I went by there again the other day and  mentioned that I had tried to spread the word for him, and he told me that he saw this thread and was very appreciative! But he kept dwelling on the fact that people were annoyed by him talking to them. Yeah, the owner is very talkative, but it's his new business and he's very proud! I, for one, am perfectly ok with listening to why and how someone starts a small business, their voice infused with pride and purpose. I think more people should take pride in what they do and shout it from the rooftops.

If you can't handle listening for 5 minutes to a proud new small business owner talk about why he loves what he does with a big smile on his face and a warm demeanor, then you're better off going to mcdonalds where they treat you how you want to be treated: like a nameless number on a receipt.

Enjoy your Big Mac.

Well put rhylon...

I finally had the chance to meet him the second time I went (like I said, some Koreans were working there the first time).  You are right that he prides himself on what he does.  He carved out a little something for himself that he enjoys doing, and he welcomes his customers with a friendly demeanor.  This isn't something that's easily found back home.  He's talkative because he's overwhelmed by the response this ad has given him, and he's just excited to meet new people who are interested in trying his kebabs (which are very, very awesome).  He's a very nice and sincere guy, which is more than I can say for most of the expats I've met here.

I've tried going back several times last week and every time I went (either around noon or later), he was closed.  What gives?  Did he have a week off or something?  Will he close up due to the colder weather coming in?

New Hours

I spoke with him the other day and he said that he now opens at 4pm and to let people know.

So now you know!

Update: No Longer in Business

A sign has been posted saying that they are no longer in business because of a personal matter.