2nd Annual Busan Mayors International Surfing Competition


Thursday, June 24, 2010 - 10:00


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From: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=130872446926780 The 2nd Annual Busan Mayor's International Surfing Competition is coming~!! It has been confirmed and the dates will be June 24th to 27th at Haeundae Beach in Busan South Korea. A notice of prizes, entry fees, registration details and more information to follow later this week. Watch the surfing Korea site for more information! This year promises to be the best Yet! Info about last year's event: http://www.pusanweb.com/event/1st-busan-international-mayors-cup-surfing...


Re: 2nd Annual Busan Mayors International Surfing Competition

lol. I have never even seen waves big enough to body surf in never mind surfing. Going to be a sad day sadly. I guess Koreans are thinking 2 foot waves 10 feet from shore are big enough considering they have those red bobbers 20 feet out from shore as they think that is deep-even though it only goes up to your waist.

Re: 2nd Annual Busan Mayors International Surfing Competition

??? weird windup. i couldnt agree more with alex but i will also say he is not putting anyone person down like you are. surfing at haeundae beach is crazy. there are no waves there and if they have any they are tiny and right near the shore. how can you surf there??? maybe you should comment on that instead of putting people down. of course, some people, perhaps you, would rather just attack people instead of arguing intelligently about the topics posted, which here is i believe surfing at haeundae beach. so try arguing against him about that-if you can, and stop putting people down. you seem like the only hater here! as an aside, if there were waves here good enough for the event great, but come on, there aren't any. korea has beaches but no waves bro! so does this make me a hater to?

Re: 2nd Annual Busan Mayors International Surfing Competition

I think songjeong might be a better locale, I'm not a surf expert but larger waves there?

Haeundae at anytime when I've visited was a pretty discusting place and I've been unfortune enough to see it in the morning before the clean sweep machine comes out. Yuck!