Where to find Dr.Martins?

Anyone know of a place in Busan?


There is a franchise store

There is a franchise store located in Nampo dong. Can't tell you exactly where, just walk around and you'll see it.  Across from Guess just up the street from the center scooter park.  That's the best I can do.  You'll find it.

Sorry, I assume you know the

Sorry, I assume you know the main shopping area with Nike, Levi's, Guess, Bean Pole, ABC Mart....its there.

Have you actually looked

Have you actually looked around?

A shoe store in Shinsegae has some.

ABC mart in Nampodong, Somyon, Kyungsung and probably other places has some (you can also check out their website).

There's a Doc store in Nampodong already mentioned.

Also, I've seen some in Lotte department store (3 in busan now)

I think I've also seen some in Kumkang stores and other shoe shops.

Perhaps you should actually go to a shoe shop and look around.