Just Landed???

Just Landed?

If you just landed and you're wondering what this crazy Busan place is all about, maybe you got some questions, or maybe you just wanna see a new part of the city with another waegook (foreigner)- I'm offering a quasi tour/get your feet wet and Q&A

I'm an ESL teacher and have lived in Busan for 17 months now. Thinking back to when I first arrived I recall the culture shock and the feeling of isolation. Now that I've made this my home, I have considered that perhaps I can ease some of the pains of getting grounded in Busan for others. Of course, I'm no expert about Korea or Busan but I can get around quite confidently. I'm always striving to gain some insight into the Korean culture and what I do know I'm happy to relay. I also have the talent of resourcefulness- If you need it I can get it 90% of the time.

If your interested in taking a tour, seeing a new part of the city, just a Q&A session, giving isolation a break and having company while sightseeing, send me a private message. I'm even happy to help you with the simplest (or so we all thought) errands. Like finding a fax or scanner or global atm- geesh.




 Yea, I was just actually about to post asking  this. I've been looking around, trying to find a scanner and most electronic stores, that seem to be on every corner of every street, they all carry the scanner/printer combo and, i'm just looking for a scanner.

i was told computer mart in nampo dong would have it (just by the lotte dept. store) but, no luck.


help help please please

thanks thanks

best option I think is trying

best option I think is trying to get a korean to help you (my students have even helped me out on occasion) on Gmarket! You'll find the best deal on there and have the most selection without having to run all around the city. but if you can't find someone to help you then there are some large computer malls that you can check out. which area of town are you? The ones I know of are in Gaegum (green line near seomyeon) or Myeyoungmyn dong (red line next to onchenjang).

And i've never tried it but I'm looking at one of the banners on this site and it claims be online shopping for expats. www.thebestbuykorea.com

gmarket has an English site

gmarket has an English site and accepts foreign credit cards and paypal so if you want to shop online go there. Bestbuy korea seems to inflate prices to take advantage of not being able to speak Korean. If you can speak Korea also check out Auction and 11st