Where can you buy traditional local artworks in Busan?

Hey anyone,

I'm looking to pick up some korean traditional local paintings as souvenirs before I head back home and I'm having a hard time finding a shop in Busan. I live in the Jangsan area so if anyone knew of a local art shop nearby that would be great. Also, If you know of any that are anywhere in Busan that are relatively easy to find (via subway) that would also be great, too.

I'm not interested in paying a fortune for paintings, but I'm also not looking for the cheap 'made in China' souvenir prints you see hanging around some outdoor markets.

Perhaps something from one of those small independent shops on the side of the road (that I haven't been able to find, lol) would be great.

Thanks for the help.



I saw the most awesome paintings in the Yangsan subway station. It is completely opposite of you, so it would be a journey.

I like them because they were really cool to look at.  

 There's an art shop in

 There's an art shop in Gwangan.  It's by exit 1, just around the corner.  They sell prints and originals of all sorts on  the street.  My friend purchased a few things from there and he was given a pretty good deal.  I plan on making a few purchases there before I leave.

Re:  There's an art shop in


Thanks for replying to my post. I checked out the shop and they had tons of traditional artworks! I also found a place just outside of Baesan stn. 303 between exits 1 and 3 which sells beautiful artworks at decent prices(its a more modern art studio/shop), I'd definitely recommend it.

Re: Where can you buy traditional local artworks in Busan?

There's also an Art Street in Nampodong.  It's underground, If you go to the Outback from PIFF square and make a right, it's along that street.  There's not THAT much there, but there are some traditional pottery places and stuff.  And I Think a couple of shops with prints.