Mole removal

Hello. I am looking for a decent dermatologist that can remove moles. Does not need to be able to speak English. I live near the Nampo area, but can travel.


I know there are a ton of dermatologists around, but was wondering if there’s a place where people can recommend. Thanks.

Re: Mole removal

Hello Polo       I had some moles removed some years ago , He also handles my other skin related issues   I would recommend  Dr Kim  at Dr KIm International Skin Clinic     The Clinic  is on the line 1 subway    station 131   Its 3 stops after Pusan National Univ   ,   I am not sure the exit    go the far exit on the left   look for BNK Bank    its on the 3 Rd  floor of the Bldg   Skin Doctor speaks very good English  He uses laser to remove  moles      hours are Monday to Friday 

930 am to 530     there is an hour break for lunch 1 to 2 

                        not on Thursday they are closed in morning and open 

                        at 2     

                       Saturday is open 939 to 2    no break time  

Re: Mole removal

You can have three removed on Nat Ins for nothing, I believe.

Re: Mole removal

Dr  Kim  International Skin Clinic   is located      in Tushil    no 131     
go to exit 5 or 7         Clinic  is located  between those exits ,  Find the BNK bank   its on the  3 rd floor of that building     now is laser season   since its  so dry    it will heal  much quicker then other times of the year     

Re: Mole removal

Dr Kim Skin clinic has moved to a new office  near his old office . It's a new and futuristic  office . Get off at Dushil stop on the line 1 go to exit 5 .  You will see the Royal Castle Bldg . right there . Go to 3 rd floor .   He speaks English well . He handles all skin problems as well as laser  surgery .  Now is laser season since it is usually dry it will heal much faster then in summer .