Tattoos - yet another question


I have a small tattoo behind my ear on my neck. When my hair is down you cant see it but when it is up, you definately can.

Would this be a problem? Do I have to tell the school when I apply for a job and would this affect my chances? If I didnt tell them and one of the Kids saw it, would that be a problem?

Also, my boyfriend has one on his wrist but you could cover it with a band or something. Would this be a problem?


Don't Sweat It

Tattoos are not uncommon, even ones that poke out here and there. I have a massive shoulder tat that hangs out of most all but my collared shirts. So many people have exposed tats that it's quickly become expected or common that most foreigners have them, even at the quality hagwons, schools and uni's.  

Nose ring

Cool, what do you think about a nose ring?



lol-tats and piercings

This is Korea-a third world country painted well in some areas. All breathing peeps accepted. My bud has a zillion tats and works at a university. And for those going to jump on my third world comment, I know it is not but it is not far removed from it. Drive through Jigegol and so on and see all the shacks (shanty areas). Korea is now a developed country according to the UN but laws, mannerisms and so on lag far behind that of first world countries. I love it here, and it is changing fast, but no one needs to really worry about their appearance. I think we can all agree that when looking at some of the teachers here we think, "who would hire them?" But the reality there is such demand, even with a lousy excahnge rate and crazy inflation here, that a few tats or piercings do not matter. As for the piercing, when sending your pic to whom ever, just do not wear it. But many people here have nose rings, eye brows pierced and so on. Dont sweat it.

With regard the tattoo

With regard the tattoo question don't worry about it.

With regard the 3rd world comment. Wow! I think you're confusing you're own cultural prejudice with economics.

You are in Korea and

You are in Korea and breathing, that is enough to land a job here. They like to complain about the quality and experience of foreign teachers here but will do nothing to raise the bar.

Korea gets exactly what they deserve in regards to English teachers.

Cover it up for work, take

Cover it up for work, take out the piercing for work.  Don't be one of those people.

Oh come on maaaaaan.  The "first world" has it's fair share of dumps, backwards thinking people, and archaic laws.  Way to backtrack mid-post, .

Last thing, stop calling them "tats." 

I have quite a few tattoos. 

I have quite a few tattoos.  They are not a problem.  Just be professional at work and cover them up.  I always wear a long sleeve, collared shirt, dress shoes, and a tie at work.  None of my co-workers or boss knew until we went out to a group dinner and I was dressed casually.  Work is work, your personal life is your own business.  Just be smart.